Treasure of Nadia – How to Get Talisman of God

There are few ways to get this rare item in the Treasure of Nadia game.

Talisman of God Guide

How and Where to Get

  • You can dig them up (though they are rare).
  • You can purchase them from the 3rd chest of 4 in the Casula Temple ($144,000).
  • You can pick them up from the blue pressure plates after crafting the Golden Compass.
  • There is one in the Tomb in the Park at the top of the Mountain.
  • There are 3 vases in the Casula Temple that contain them.
  • There are 2 blue pressure plates after returning from one of the trips to Limbo.
  • You get one from blowing up one of the rocks by the Fountain of Youth under the mansion.
  • Below the Fountain are two more pressure plates that give you 2 more.

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