Treasure of Nadia – All Alia’s Key and Chest Locations

In this guide, you will find the locations for chest key and chest (if available) to unlock the Kamasutra pages for their corresponding booty calls (BCs).

Locations of All Alia’s Keys and Chests

Alia Page #2 – 5 pages

Page 1 – “Foolin’ Around” (1)

Key Location

Chest Location

Page 2 – “Cock Play” (6)

Key Location

Chest Location

Page 3 – “Cowgirl” (14)

Key Location Bring the peacock back from the park to the library using peanuts that can be purchased from Squalmart: it will hit the tree and the key will fall.

Chest Location

Page 4 – “Anal Sex” (41)

Key Location To get the key, you must rebuild the compass with the 4 scattered pieces: then follow the clues from the warp pad at the park entrance. See Thunderdark’s tip video in the walkthrough section on Discord if you can’t figure it out.

Chest Location

Page 5 – “Alia & Tasha Threesome” (57/8)

Both women must be at 6 hearts & have 4 pages collected. Two locks will spawn: below is the torn page location for Alia. You must find the second torn page for Tasha (in her section of this guide) and craft them with 2 Talisman of the Gods to get the page.

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