Vampire Survivors – How to Kill and Unlock The Last Boss

How to Kill and Unlock The Last Boss (MissingN / Death) in Vampire Survivors

To unlock missingN you got to kill death… And you have to Cheat for it!

So first, open your steam libary and follow the following path:

  • Steam\steamapps\common\Vampire Survivors\resources\app.webpack\renderer

Rightclick “Main.Bundle.JS” and open it with the Editor or another Text Editor. Now you need to find the code for your preferred item that you want to modify, in our case it is Garlic. Press ctrl+f and type “Garlic” (or the weapon you want). Now you need to find where in the code the power of garlic is set and change the number to the desired power. Change it to 99999999 or higher!

Take a note of the initial power just so you can revert it back after you are done with killing death, save the file, open the game find the item (choosing a character that starts with said item works too) wait for the 30 minute mark and killdeath. There will be no winning screen or something else, you have to quit the run by yourself.

So quit the run and on character select you will be able to buy death for 1199 gold.

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  1. If you just search ‘NOSTRO’ and keep hitting search till you see the hidden tag ‘hidden’:!0x0
    simply delete that next to the name so it looks like this


    instead of

    and it will show him in the menu. you can also change the price to make him affordable.
    i am sorry in advanced if this makes little sense as im tired when i managed to get it working.
    you can also do this with any of the other characters just note they will not actually be unlocked so when the game updates you will need to re do this.

  2. Search for whatever character you want to use by using ctrl + f and typing p_characters name for instance “p_dommario”
    And find where it says “maxHP”. Set that to a massive number and the character is essentially immortal (remember to save the previous value first

  3. Hey,

    tried your cheat with pushing garlics DPS to hell, but now my character keeps beeing hit after it hits a monster and so I die within the first 1-2 minutes. Is there a way to get over this?

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