Vampire Survivors – How to Unlock the Secret Character (Avatar Infernas)

Guide to Unlock Avatar Infernas Character


  • A mouse.
  • Have Garcia’s mirror.
  • Beat the Eudaimonia M. stage.

Now to Unlock Infernas

Pick any character of your choice, I used Red Death.

Select the stage Inlaid Library Inverse mode selected.

Progress normally through the stage saving 2 weapon slots for the birds, Peachone and Ebony Wings. Do not evolve the birds.

Play until you have leveled/powered up enough and go past the Gold Ring on the right side. You will come across a Trickster above a piano. If you can’t find the right piano, you’re at the wrong one.

When you find and defeat the Trickster, walk up to the piano a small QTE style event will occur involving the birds. Hit the same keys that the birds land on. If done correctly you will be teleported to another stage with 9 coffins around you.

Walk around the the coffins until Avatar Infernas comes out of one of the coffins. Once Infernas is defeated, it will be unlocked, a White Death will trigger and the run will end once the revivals go down to ZERO.

The Weapon

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  1. i have not been able to get trickster to spawn at all, despite half a dozen tries. i have avoided torrona’s box, not fused the birds, avoided gemini, and have no idea what im doing wrong. gonna wait for some more time to pass, see if we can get more details on unlocking this character. no luck getting eudaimonia to become available for the third time either

  2. Hahaha!!! I love this dev. When I first seen the birds show me the answer to the puzzle, I sat there dumbfounded like I’ve seen this before. Then it hit me! This is a direct reference to Silent Hill 1’s piano puzzle. It even uses the bird motif.

    “a place with songs and sound” ‘A silver guidpost is untapped in lost tongues Awakening at the ordained order’

  3. I would have put the “uncovered secret” screenshot after “3) Beat the Eudaimonia M. stage boss, The Director.” since it’s beating the boss that unlocks this secret. I would had a sentence like “a new secret should apears reading “It is tangible only in the inverted Inlaid Library. Good friends might then show the way.” Infernas can’t be unlock without this secret showing up.”
    And maybe you can add the keys to enter as a spoiler :W2,W6,B5,W5,B1 or D A A# G C#.

  4. I played a little bit in different settings and it appears that the new update (1.0.111) fixed the problem of the Trickster not appearing. I tried to go back to the settings I had before and it appeared. I also tried with Gemini and the birds are still showing the keys if you don’t evolve them. It turns out having the birds evolved or even having no birds at all doesn’t prevent the Trickster to show up, it just prevent you form seeing the keys you have to press but since they’re always the same you can still progress further in the unlock.

    I did all of this on a save where Avatar is already unlocked, can’t tell if it applies for the first encounter.

  5. Feedback:
    1st time: Picked Cosmo and picked Gemini and Torrona’s box and lvled 4 or 5 times, didnt maxed
    I picked everything from the stage but due to low HP, trickster killed me
    2nd time: Picked Queen and locked 3 weapons, first arcana was XXI for fast run
    Got both birds and Gemini for fun, got everything from stage and deleted Torrona’s box at last lvl.

    Good Luck.

  6. A little feedback, the Trickster was not showing up until I changed these things :
    – Enabled “Visually invert stage”
    – Didn’t pick Gemini as arcana
    – Didn’t pick up any item from the floor so I didn’t have more then 6 accessories
    – Didn’t bannish the birds (but I banished Torrona’s Box)

    I don’t know if any or all these things are requierd but I manage to trigger the Trickster 3 times in a row after that. It appeared everytime on the 3rd piano after the golden ring. At the same time exploding candelabradors started appearing, each time at a different time stamp. These were also appearing when the Trickster didn’t show up so I guess it’s a good way to see if it will appear or not.
    It took me approximately 5 min to defeat it with 0% curse and the timer stops after the stage setup changes so endless mode is definitely not mandantory (managed to enter the “new” stage before 25:00 each time).

  7. I can confirm that you can progress even if you evolve the birds. The only thing is that the birds will not show you which keys to press. However, the code never changes. If you consider the keys as white keys 1-7 and black keys 1-5 (left to right) then the code is as follows:


  8. Just a pro tip for anyone who needs it: If you want to be sure that the birds don’t fuse, just banish them when they are level 7, it will permanently prevent them from evolving.

  9. Don’t need birds. Just press
    2nd in the bottom row
    6th in the bottom row
    5th in the upper row
    5th in the bottom row
    1st in the upper row

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