Viking Rise: Valhalla – Best Ways to Develop Quickly

As a Chief who’s just set foot on the continent of Vanirneyjar, what are the best ways to develop quickly?

How to Develop Quickly

Complete Chapter Missions

One big question you may have as a new Chief is what you should start developing first.

Here’s a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ recommendation—follow and explore the [Chapter Missions]! Each Chapter Mission will reward you with lots of resources, items, and Gems. In the early game, this will be your main source of resources. Completing Chapter Missions quickly will put you ahead of other Chiefs!

Participate Actively in Events

When you’ve completed 10 Chapter Missions and your Chief’s Hall has reached Lv 4, you’ll unlock Events.

In the early game, events are where you can get tons of resources like Speedups, Hero Statues for Ascending your Heroes, Oracle Soulstones for summoning Heroes, Blessed Soulstones, Seasoned Workers, and other awesome rewards! So don’t miss out on any events!

Send Workers to Run Errands

There are lots of errands available in and outside the City. Defeating beasts and hostile NPCs will also unlock additional nearby errands. By sending Workers to run errands, you’ll get a significant amount of resources.

Food can be obtained from gathering berries and hunting prey. Lumber can be obtained from Sawmills. Once you unlock the necessary Tech, you’ll also be able to run errands to obtain valuable Stone and Gold.

Use Speedups Effectively

You can get plenty of Speedups from completing quests. Use them often to advance rapidly!

Train Troops

You should always be using your Barracks to train more Troops! The more Troops there are for your Heroes to lead, the more they’ll be able to expand your Fief. A bigger Fief will give you access to more errands, which will allow you to get even more resources.

Join a Tribe

Once you finish building a Tribe Hall or complete the “Join a Tribe” Bounty at the Staging Post, you can choose to become part of a Tribe. It’s best to join a Tribe as early as possible, because once you’ve joined a Tribe, you can ask for the Tribe’s assistance with Construction, Research, and Healing. The time required for your Construction, Research, or Healing will be reduced for every Tribe member who assists you. You can also research Tribe Tech with your Tribe members, which will grant great bonuses to all Tribe members that will accelerate your development.

Additionally, when you conquer Niflung Forts with your Tribe members, all Tribe members will get a Tribe Gift. When you gather enough Key Points, you can also open a Crystal Chest for great rewards!

Complete Staging Post Bounties

Unlock the Staging Post by repairing it and defeating monsters nearby. At the Staging Post, you’ll be able to accept different types of Bounties. Complete Bounties every day to get amazing rewards such as Speedups, Prestige, resources, items to upgrade Heroes, and more!

Defeat Niflungs

Exit the Fief, and you’ll see the map. Defeat the Niflungs on the map to get great rewards, including Speedups, resources, and more. You’ll also gain loads of Hero EXP!

I hope it is useful to you!

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