Viking Rise: Valhalla – Strategy for BOTR Map (GVG)

BOTR Map Guide

Example position southeast. Proceed accordingly depending on the starting position.

Phase 1: (All Members)

Take Rainbow Monument + Teleport Base to location + Take Turtles

Phase 2: Take 3 Holy Halls (First Claim = Extra Points)

After 5 Minutes we take 3 Holy Halls. The Person in Charge (Commander) takes the Hall near the basement solo with one Squad. He needs to focus on the Enemymovements and trys coordinate the BOTR. The rest fights for the two other halls.

Phase 3: Golem Hunt (10 Min)

After 10 minutes the „Golem“ hunt Starts. We just have 5 min. to clear both Golem camps. So we split troops to be fast enough to claim the Temple. We leave the holy hall with just one little defence Squad here.

Phase 4: Holy Temple (15 Min)

The goal is to claim 1 Temple first and Hold it. The commander marks the place where to gather and where to claim (depends on enemy position and strength) We strike with all might to get the extra „first claim“ points. At this phase we dont defend the holy halls. We go all in.

Exception: Team C – Place one Squad with 1 Soldier at Holy Hall

Phase 5: (20 Min)

(Team A+B+C): Take Golems camps together. Don´t waste troops. Commander marks order.

Team C: Takes back Holy hall if necessary

Phase 6: Odins Temple (15 Min)

Depends on the situation. If possible we try to claim. Let the other teams fight and die. Then go all in. Be patient here.

(Charge together / use close combat tactics emotes – see document CCT)

The rest depends on the Situation. Niflungs and Golems are a real important possibility to gain points. Always focus on this, while holding Holy Temple and Odins Temple.

Catigarization + Special Tasks Team A / B / C

Team A: Top Dogs

Primary Tasks:

  • Reinforce Temple + Odins Hall + Rally if necessary
  • Monster Hunt (Golem + Nifs)

B-Team: The pack

T4 / T5 (13 – 18 mio. might).

Primary Tasks:

  • Reinforce Temple + Odins Hall
  • Monster Hunt (Golem + Nifs)
  • Defend Holy Halls near Base

C-Team: The Backdoors Bastards

  • Support Team A + B

Special Mission: The goal of the Team C is to take the enemy’s occupied Holy Halls all the time with one single soldier Squad. If the enemy Holy Hall is not protected (but occupied) by enemy troops, a squad with a single soldier will be sent to take over. This doesn’t cost us any time or strength. The goal is to separate enemy combat strength and gather extra points without losing any strength. The enemy is forced to send troops to retake the holy halls. The one soldier Squad runs away and takes another holy hall.

Team C should try to play a cat and mouse game here. The enemy must be under pressure to take back his holy halls all the time. So they lag strength with Monster Hunt and to archive the other goals. Often the enemy place one weak Squad to defend. In this case Team C takes a Strong Squad to take this holy hall. This needs some map awareness. But I already used this strategy and it works really fine.

The Map

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General Tips

You might be big but there is still a chance that you are not a team player so here is a few suggestions:

  • Before the match starts, use attack, defense, and march size buffs.
  • In the first 3 minutes, defeat turtles to get runes for stronger stats.
  • Always stick together in groups; your strength is in numbers.
  • Follow markers to know where to go. If there’s no marker, follow your leader.
  • When a rally is set, join with the troops assigned by the rally captain. Match the troop type they specify. If they assign pikemen for the rally, only send pikemen for the extra damage.
  • Follow the tribe chat time to time to see the new goals as the game progress fast and plans can change any moment.

I hope this was helpful to you!

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