Viking Rise: Valhalla – Migration Guide

Migration: FAQ and Tips

How do I determine the people that can come to my kingdom?

  • This depends on your migration bracket (the 16 kingdoms)’s migration threshold and your Kingdom’s might.


Every Kingdom’s might threshold is determined by the top 100 players in the Kingdom. Since its a hassle to calculate that, in this example, we will take Kingdom power to do a rough estimation.

Kingdoms average might = The total might of 16 Kingdoms in your migration bracket / 16.

Example in this calculation, 3b is the average Kingdom might and your Kingdom might is 3.5b. For migration, the migration threshold is 25% in addition to the average Kingdom might, this means 3b * 1.25 = 3.75b.

For our example, our Kingdom might 3b, is below 3.75b. This means that you can take in 100+5 people into your Kingdom, provided you DO NOT exceed the 3.75b migration threshold. If your Kingdom might exceeds the 3.75b migration threshold as a result of the people you took in, your number of people that you can take in automatically becomes 20+2.

Additional Info

The top 100 might is what’s written in kingdom might. Thus you do not need to count, the kingdom might = top 100 players might.

Relative might differences.

  • Check the guy that is migrating to your kingdom, and the guy that on your top 100 might.
  • Example, if the guy coming in your kingdom is below the might of your top 100, you get him for without the increase of kingdom might, because he is not top 100.
  • And if the guy coming in your kingdom is just 10m might above your top 100, you get him with just the increase of 10m kingdom might. This helps in your calculation of maintaining as a “common” kingdom and not “strong” kingdom that reduce your 100+5 limit to 20+2 limit.

Migration brackets are different each season. 8 before kvk1, 12 between 1 and 2, and 16 if after kvk2.

If my kingdom classified as common kingdom now, thus I have 100+5 slots. If i start taking in a lot of non-whales player, then suddenly whales that increase my kingdom might to strong kingdom – 20+2. Will the non-whales players I took in earlier take up the 20+2 slots ??

  • Yes, they take up the 20+2 slots.

For migrations, the +5 and +2 is the special migrants that can go beyond limit. Whats the limit? Just the limit set by king or does it refers to migration rules limit?

  • The king can lower the limit if they want to for some reason, but the max is 80m for migration between kvk 1 and 2 and 100m for kvk 2 and 3.
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