Void Crew – Master Gunner Guide

These are important rules to follow if you want to join the elite squadron of gunners in Void Crew. Below are a few excerpts and anecdotes I have learned from playing with the best gunners this game has to offer.

Guide to Master Gunner

Rules to Live By

This is a short list, but it’s the only things you have to make sure to accomplish on each run to be a true Pro Gunner.

  1. Comment on your firing range at least two times per round. More is obviously better. Do not miss an opportunity each round to let your crew know how insane your range is.
  2. Comment on how high your damage is. This is preference, but pro gunners generally mention this at least 2-3 times per round at minimum if not more. More is always better.
  3. Generally you should quarterback every other role from your gunner seat. Since you are locked in the seated position, you should have the situational awareness to provide “best play” insight to your other crewmates. Make sure to call out the plays that should be made. Let the pilot know how fly the craft. Never let your magazines or power cells empty without calling for a refill from the engineer.
  4. If a level II or III animus crate is collected. Stop everything you’re doing to craft the best weapon you can. It doesn’t matter if the ship is underfire. Every second you waste is lost DPS and range. Forego all other priorities when this occurs. If you don’t have the right mods, take time to craft them before returning to the fight.
  5. Outside of rule #4, never leave your gunner seat. This is probably the most important rule to follow. You never want to be off your guns. You’re not helping by leaving the seat. It doesn’t matter if the skies are clear, fighters could appear at any second.

Stick to these short rules and you’re well on the way to becoming a part of the best gunners in the game.

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  1. Rule ? shoot the ship if the pilot doesn’t get the ship out of your aim. Wouldn’t be any friendly fire if they could just fly right.

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