Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters – 100% Full Achievement Guide

This is an achievement guide for Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters. Regarding spoilers, I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but some of the achievements are related to the storyline. You have been warned.

How to Obtain All Achievements

Unmissable Storyline Quests (4)

  • An Ill Omen
  • A Foul Creche
  • Daemonkeeper
  • Long Distance Call

These four achievements should unlock naturally as you play through the campaign to the end. You can’t miss these.

Storyline Related Optional Achievements (8)

Hold Your Ground

  • Defeat Kadex at Usa’rya

Make you you bring a team with high burst damage when you go to the craftworld mission. After Kadex comes out, focus on him and kill him. You have very limited time.

Hands-On Research

  • Kill 10 enemies with Inquisitor Vakir

There are three missions with Inquisitor Vakir available. Vakir has two pistol ranged attacks, just use those. The first one being the Craftworld one, the second one being the one where Kadex boards the ship, the third one being the Sacrista one where you summon Draigo. You can help her by having your knights whittle down enemies’ health and have Vakir fire the killing shot. Keep in mind that her melee attacks only hit for 1 damage (which means she is all but useless in melee) and cannot do the disabling crit attacks.

Junk Banishment

  • Defeat Morgellus, the Corroded Prince

Harvest No More

  • Defeat Malathian the Harvester

A Gift Spurned

  • Defeat Aeger the Benevolent

Death Comes For All

  • Defeat Munificus the Undying

Engine Kill

  • Defeat Cruciatus the Generous

These are the five reapers you will face in game. However, in each playthrough, you can only meet 4. You get three of them with the Codex, but then Kadex will show up and destroy the codex. You meet another one when you go to the warp for the finale. If you want all of them, either save before attuning the codex or use save backup, do one or two of them, and then revert the save to do the others.

Standard-Issue Killer

  • Win the final mission without any Master Crafted equipment

Strip the levelled gear from your characters and only use the stock gear with infinite supply. Grenades and other equipment doesn’t matter. Make sure both squads have stock armor, stock ranged weapon and stock melee weapon. When in doubt, do it on the easy difficulty.

Combat Related Achievements (12)


  • Execute an enemy.

As you are forced to play the tutorial the first time around, you should be able to unlock this achievement a few minutes into the game. If you somehow skipped the tutorial, you can do an execution by knocking an enemy off balance by melee striking it repeatedly. Once they are on the ground, do an attack and the execute prompt will show up.


  • Execute 50 enemies

Repeat the process 50 times. The Librarian class has a shriek ability that can be very helpful as it can AoE mass stun enemies. You should be able to unlock this achievement before a campaign is over.

Watch Where You Step…

  • Kill an enemy by knocking it back

Either knock an enemy into a hazard that will kill it or knock it off the map in some maps which will instantly kill them. Purgator class has the “kick” melee skill that allows you to knock enemies back. Some melee weapons can also knock enemies back.

Look Over There!

  • Disrupt an enemy’s Overwatch or Suppressive Fire

Frag Grenades can knock enemies away from their original location, this should disrupt their OW or suppressive fire.

Not So Fast…

  • Kill an enemy with an Auto

Melee classes has the “attack of opportunity” auto that triggers when enemies move by them. This should trigger the achievement.

Blood for the Blood God!

  • Kill an enemy with the Bleed Affliction

Either use a weapon that can cause bleeding, an Apothecary class character with the “bleed” biomancy skill or just crit strike that afflicts bleed. Get their health down to 1-2 first and pop this on them. Make sure they die to the bleeding. Also, the bleeding kicks in at the end of the enemy’s turn, so plan accordingly.

Purging Spree

  • Kill 5 enemies with the same knight in a single turn

Grenades, incinerator, the Interceptor class teleport strike skill or mass executions that can refill AP.

Friendly Fire

  • Get an enemy to kill one of its allies

Done in two ways, either the dominate strategem or do crit strikes on characters that can be crazed (hellbrute, foetid bloat-drone, plague-bearer).


  • Kill 20 enemies with environment objects

Pillars or environment explosives count towards this achievement.

Corruption Cleanser

  • Destroy 50 Bloomspawn

You have to do Blooming missions, each has about 1-2 bloomspawns that you are required to slay. Get purging.

Surgical Excision

  • Collect a Seed using the Extractor Servo-Skull

You will unlock the Extractor Servo-Skull, use it on a seed bearer and this should pop.

Unstable Immaterium

  • Trigger 10 Warp Surge events in a single mission

Warp surges trigger once the warp levels hit 100%. For this one, you can end turns repeatedly to have these events pop up. If you do them in low corruption planets, you have to wait longer, but if you do them in high corruption planets, make sure your team can handle whatever comes your way.

Win Mission Achievements (9)


  • Win a mission without taking damage

Bring units with high armor. Playing on lower difficulties also help.

Efficient Killer

  • Win a mission without using Ammo

Just use melee oriented characters. Doable with solo class achievements.

Just a Scratch

  • Win a mission using only knights with Light Wounds or worse

Only use knights that are injured in previous missions for a mission. They will have reduced max HP. Easily doable on easier difficulties and on seeding missions where only cultists are out there.


  • Win a mission using only Justicars

Firing Squad

  • Win a mission using only Purgators

Warp Flickers

  • Win a mission using only Interceptors

Field Apothecarion

  • Win a mission using only Apothecaries

Basically just do them with the indicated class. The field apothecarion one might be a bit harder due to apothecaries are essentially support class characters, but when in doubt, do it on an easy difficulty.

Brothers in Arms

  • Win a mission whith only 2 knights

Basically what it says on the tin. When in doubt, do it on an easier difficulty and use high level characters to do it on seeding missions.

Exercise in Restraint

  • Win a Spreading or Flowering mission without using Willpower

Spreading and flowering missions show up when the planet is highly infested. You can see what the mission is by checking planetary info Just go do those missions but without using the active skills that consume WP.

Campaign Achievements (11)

True Mastery

  • Have a knight learn all available class skills

Focus on getting the class skills instead of the upgrades.

Honoured Battle-Brother

  • Promote a knight to Rank 9

You need 1700 XP to get to the max rank. You have to grind for a bit.

Mind Like a Fortress

  • Acquire 20 Grimoires

You can get grims from armory rewards and several other ways. Get 20 of them and this should pop. You might want to prioritize on this one because grims will boost your research speed. Without grims, research will be painfully slow.

Nemesis Master

  • Acquire a Master Craft Level 3 Melee weapon

The Emperor Protects

  • Acquire a Master Craft Level 3 suit of Armour


  • Acquire a Master Craft Level 3 Ranged weapon

During Grandmaster Reports, get your access level all the way up to 5 and they will show up in post battle loot. Just spend the required amount of requisition to grab them.

Tactical Flexibility

  • Unlock all Stratagems

Make sure to grab the grimoires and the library upgrades, otherwise the research will be very slow.

Patron of Deimos

  • Complete all Ship System upgrades

I suggest going for the augment chamber ASAP. The augment chamber will give you free servitors and improve ship upgrade speed.

Strike Force

  • Fill the Barracks with 20 knights

You can either get knights by directly recruiting them at the barracks for two requisition points a pop or you can get them at post mission rewards. You start with 6 and you need 20.

The Flesh is Weak

  • Acquire 5 Augmetics on a single knight

You have to unlock the augmentics chamber at ship upgrades. Augmetics can be used to help wounded knights.

Mass Extinction

  • Use Exterminatus 5 times in a Campaign

Exterminatus can be used to instantly kill all the infection (and innocent population) on a planet. You can use exterminatus once you arm the cyclonic torpedoes at ship upgrades. Do it five times.

Victory Achievements (4)

Clean Slate

  • Achieve victory before any Bloom Flowerings occur

Basically prioritize on high corruption planets that are about to trigger flowering. Alternatively, I believe exterminatus also works.

Crisis Management

  • Achieve victory by Day 500

For this, you need to focus on getting grimoires and upgrading the library because you need that research speed to trigger many storyline missions. The finale also has a 45 day countdown so you need to keep that in mind as well. Grab seeds, but also make sure you don’t use the seeds on unnecessary researches and upgrades because you need those seeds for the storyline and attuning. Might be easier on lower difficulties

Grand Master

  • Achieve victory in Grand Master mode

Basically just ironman mode.

Legend of Titan

  • Achieve victory on Legendary difficulty

Legendary difficulty can be pretty tough. Just beat it. Not much to this one.

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