Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Tome / Grim Locations (Mission of Mercy)

Tome #1

In the room were you dropdown from platform with 3 barrels (after drop) in the left “wall”.

Grim #1 (Left)

In case path to the left of statue is open grim is on the wall after the building if you look back.

Grim #1 (Right)

(Tell If some key spot missing)

In case path to the right of thise path is open – grim is in the locked chest in lardge tunnel’s front-right corner (From entrance point) the key is in one of several locations:

  • 1 – In a pipes on the right wall (looking from entrance).
  • 2 – In the last room of building on shelf, near dead rat.
  • 3 – Next to the dropdown to it’s right in the porch above far door.

Just chest:

Grim #2

Bottom planks of 1st balcony in the chest in the rooms where you are crossing the bridge between two balconies.

Tome #2

Same room with 2 grim and same side, but in the corridor at the end.

Tome #3

After the last dropdown leading to the final event area, in the round room with red mark.

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  1. The key has a couple of other spawn locations for grim 1 right side. Just before you drop a little bit after Mark 4 in a door & on top of some shelves near when your character speaks about people being alive! idk

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