Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel – All Secret Missions List

A list of secret missions in Master Duel.

List of All Secret Missions

What are Secret Missons

Secret Missions are missions that you can complete but that are not visible until you have already completed part of them. They often reward special titles but can also reward gems.

Known Secret Missions

Equip a Card

  • 100: Title: Showoff

Deal over 8.000 Damage in a single Attack

  • 20: Title: Strong Arm

Win on your first Attack turn

  • 5: Title: Demon

Win a Duel without Normal Summoning

  • 1: Title: Unfathomable

Win by decking your opponent

  • 20: Title: Destroyer

Win a PvP Duel with Exodia the Forbidden One Victory conditions

  • 10: Title: Sealed One

Win a PvP Duel by Special Victory

  • 30: Title: Tactician

When your opponent’s Monster attacks, your opponent takes Damage

  • 10.000: 100 gems
  • 40.000: 100 gems
  • 100.000: 200 gems

Place a Spell Counter

  • 20: 100 gems
  • 100: 100 gems
  • 200: 200 gems

Gain Life Points

  • 5.000: 100 gems
  • 30.000: 100 gems
  • 100.000: 200 gems

Take control of your opponent’s Monster

  • 10: 100 gems
  • 40: 100 gems
  • 100: 100 gems
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  1. For Exodia decks

    Win 10 pvp duels with Exodia gives title “Sealed One”
    Win 30 pvp duels with special victory gives title “Tactician”

  2. the next tier of “When your opponents monster attacks, your opponent takes damage”
    is at 40,000 damage, and rewards 100 gems.

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