Warm Snow – Poison/Bleed Build Tips

If you choose for the last statue poison/bleed you need to know some useful info about it before you start.

Guide to Poison/Bleed Build

If you go blood you should get a Bruise Herb and put it in your last slot (it’s even worth reload scumming your freebie relic to just start with one) – It makes the orbs a significant net gain in HP and you can basically sustain forever if you don’t get burst down. It’s an easy hard carry through the earlier stages until you replace the sustain with Vampire.

Despite being the bleed choice you’ll probably do more poison than bleed damage so it’s worth focusing on that or just raw melee.

The Vampire powerup is fantastic if you can get Toxic Corpse first so you don’t poison yourself to death. I tanked my way through the final boss on Blizzard with it even with the Damnation defense penalty. When disenchanting just always choose health. Percent healing on a fat health bar goes a long way.

The turtle relic is great in your Core slot if you’re afraid of burst. Poison Sac is great in your second slot.

It’s a grind down build so beefing up sustain and protecting from burst are more or less the highest priorities.

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