Wildfrost – True Ending Guide

Small guide how to achieve the True ending in 5 steps.

Spoilers! How to Achieve: True Ending

The Wild Frost True Ending Guide

This small and simple guide gives spoilers.

Step 1: Beat the game

Might be hard, but after a couple of tries you get the hang of it. Its all about understanding the abilities of the enemy and your one abilities.

Understand that RNG is a god and only hé/she/they/them can give or take your run.

Step 2: Beat the games with all equiped Modifier bells 3× (3 times since every Beat gives a bell)

After beating the game once you will have no trouble with this. Mainly because you know the main mechanics (I hope).

Step 3: Collect the Luminous vase in the next run [Collect Luminous broken vase + Luminous gloop]

You can find these cards by looking for a strange Light on some events. One of the items you can find in a glowing store and one of the items you can find in a glowing treasure.

*I put the modifier bells on in this run, dont know if you need to

Step 4: Beat the game and throw the luminous vase against the Frost guardian and kill him

I threw this item last second against the frost guardian. Mainly because I just didnt drew the card at all.

After the frost guardian is hit, his attack will go +4 every time hé buffs.

Step 5: Beat ??? Fight

No trouble at all. Beat it first try.

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  1. Just wanna add that the only requirement for the luminous items to spawn is to have the 3 modifier bells on, no need to beat the game with them first, but yeah good luck with the ??? boss lol

  2. Why on Earth would you use the vase on the Frost Guardian?
    That just buffs him, makes you weaker, bad move.
    Use the vase on one of your own guys for the buff.

    Anyway speaking of the final fight, that thing is absolutely ridiculous, and can only be beaten if you’ve made a perfectly broken run (I’d recommend some build to stack shroom an insane amount and the machine to apply the shroom to another enemy after the afflicted dies)

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