X4: Foundations – How to Get the Xperimental Shuttle (Timelines DLC)

Getting Xperimental Ship

Major Story Spoilers!

  • Play through the timelines expansion and do all the missions.
  • Find the secret room in the dark area of the facility.
  • Have conversations with the person in the secret room until she asks you to find three items for her, deliver said items.
  • She will tell you to get back to you as soon as everything is done. If that doesn’t happen naturally, replay the final mission of graph 6 until the communication error occurs. You can quit the mission then.
  • Enjoy the conclusion of the Timelines expansion and load a sand box save after having experienced the end in the white room.
  • In the sandbox game: Boso will call you and tell you about strange signals. Talk to him and start the mission (there should be a mission in your journal).
  • Follow the missions (includingn the barter mission) until you rescue someone from a dangerous situation by providing diplomatic aid or manual labor if your reputation is too low.
  • You will then be led to “The Grandmother”, do as she says and lead her to Boso.
  • After a short cutscene you will have the Xperimental Shuttle in your available ships and the blueprint to build it.

Pro Tip: You can install modifications to the shuttle, making it probably the most overpowered S ship out there. This thing is INSANE.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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  1. In fact, I’ve spent the last hour or so trying to locate two ships on the Genesis start, and neither the Xenon B nor the Odachi are there. What do I not understand?

    • It appears to me that you have not yet finished the particular Timelines scenario for those ships. Once you have finished many of the scenarios in the Timelines DLC and have the DLC enabled, you can only access the ships listed here.

  2. How can one alter Xenon H? The ship’s module blueprints are nowhere to be found. How and where can I locate them?

    • Although I have not personally attempted it, it seems that you must detonate additional Xenon H and cause them to release a particular inventory item. As soon as you do, the research ought to become accessible.

      The other Xenon/Terraformer ships are in the same boat.

  3. I would like to know the requirements for the mission in order to obtain the Experimental Shuttle. I’ve completed the quest that makes it possible to buy the Dart, even though I’m not really in the market for one right now. After that, I’ve heard, the search for the Xperimental Shuttle starts, but everything is very vague, and I haven’t heard anything more from them.

    • Possible plot spoilers ahead: The Xperimental quest and the Dart quest are unrelated. Finish the barter mission that Teladi, one of the Quettanauts, assigned to you. Following that, you ought to encounter a new mission instructing you to locate the “Grandmother” further into the Mitsuno’s Remembrance system. It’s possible for the new mission to enter your mission log without your knowledge—this has occasionally happened to me.

      • I apologize, but I’m not sure how to retrieve the shuttle. My conversation with “Grandmother” was really interesting as she revealed to me that the Xperimental Shuttle is located in the hangar, but it’s locked and cannot be claimed. Perhaps I should get her some Sohen tech? She mentioned that she wanted some, but there hasn’t been a quest for it. How and where did you discover it?

        • Eventually, the ‘Grandmother’ should get into the Xperimental shuttle and take off for Grand Exchange I’s south gate (or wherever your headquarters is right now). She will then set foot on it and make her way to Boso’s office.

  4. To answer your question with a small amount of spoilery, the DLC adds a new faction, but it doesn’t add any new Open Universe starts. The two ships that are mentioned are added as rewards in the Open Universe.

  5. The two ships can only be unlocked by completing the DLC story, according to the author. Does this imply that you can use them as “starting ships” for your timeline character’s potential entry into their open universe, or does it imply that they are unlocked as blueprints for any open universe save?

    This isn’t a spoiler, as I haven’t even begun graph 3 and don’t know if the character simply ends or “escapes” to open at the conclusion.

  6. I must also inquire about the H.: was there a claim point and I was simply blind, since I was unable to locate a capture/claim point and had to send a marine to do it for me? In connection with that, it only lacked a large turret, so bonus

  7. Though it was quite strong during the mission, the X-Shuttle was weaker in the original game. Expect nostalgia instead of much from it.

    The new budget game starts will include 6 HEPTs, while the existing game saves will have 4 Gamma HEPTs and 2 EMPCs.

    The actual problem that urgently needs to be strengthened is the shielding.

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