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Please note: all credit goes to Mr.Tonguesoff (Not A Furry)!

A super short guide for just random tips that I learned during my play through, I thought I share my experience with you! There might be spoilers! Hope you enjoy!

Useful Tips for Yakuza


Personality (personally for me) one of the longest to grind, but heres tips.

  • Do all the personality tests, just look up the answers, you can pause during a test by going into the steam overlay (tab shift).
  • Doing challenges especially the mini games being the the quickest, each one boosts a trait.
  • Passion: Dragon Kart, Virtua Fighter arcade games Karaoke and Pachinko (DLC)
  • Confidence: Golf, Mahjong, Darts, and Gambling
  • Charisma: Space Harrier (arcade), Super Hang-On(Bike arcade) and Batting Cages courses.
  • Kindness: Can quest (the easiest one), Pachinko (DLC), Fantasy Zone(arcade) and UFO Catchers (claw machine).
  • Intelligence: Doing the school quizzes, Playing Shogi and Poker.

Style: Doing the cinema sheep minigame and OutRun (arcade).

  • Eating at restaurants boosts as well if you eat everything in the shops.
  • Collecting weapons also helps, you only need to obtain it once and then your free to sell it.
  • Books are a great way to boosts your traits, each books gives +50 points.
  • Passion: you can find the book “The Between Thrill and Passion” in the can quest shop.
  • Confidence: The Book “Think and Grow Confident” can be brought at Batting Center or shogi shops. Shogi being the harder choice unless your really good at it.
  • Charisma: “You, Unleashed” can also be found at can quest as well after you earn the title “king of cans” by collecting enough cans. Can also be earned at Pachinko.
  • Kindness: “The Poor Zoo” can be found at Can quest and Shogi.
  • Intelligence: The “Special Theory of Relative Brutality” book can be brought at shogi and the battling center.
  • Style: “Street Dandy” is also found at shogi and the battling center.

An honorable mention would be buying trait boosting items like Scalp D at shops but those give a measly 5/10 points which isn’t really worth it.

Honk Honks

A special NPCs that hiding around map, finding one will offer you services to raise your traits, after paying they do something “special” and boost you. They are really hard to find but some have higher spawn rates at night. They have a chance at spawning after every loading screen, one will appear at a location.

Isezaki Ijincho

  • Honk Honk Girl: +10 to Passion for 10,000 yen.
  • Honk honk Lady: +10 to Passion, Charisma and Kindness for 50,000 yen.
  • Honk Honk Man: +10 to everything for 100,000 yen.


  • Honk-Honk Woman: +10 to Charisma, Confidence and Passion for 50,000 yen


Honk Honk Princess: +10 to Style, Intellect and Charisma for 30,000 yen

  • Best one would be Honk Honk man for the +10 to everything, but the others can be good if you only need to max out 3 or less traits. The worst one being Honk Honk girl for the late game since Honk Honk Lady, man and woman offer more at a good price.

Food Shops

Buying Food is a great way to heal and increase bonds/personality.

So remember these tips helps getting what you want:

  • The amount of food you buy does not affect how much bond you get, you can buy a cup of warm milk and you will always get +10 bond every time.
  • Once you earn a lot money in the company mini game, just buy every single item on menu for each shop because its a much easier way to unlock all meal combos and eating everything in that shop gives personality boost depending on the type of place you ate, (Example: Eating at Meng Wu yokohama gives you confidence stats). so if you need a personality boost eat at every place.
  • Like the last tip, Try to buy all food items when you have unlocked all the characters because it can help trigger Party chat to get that sweet bond points. It doesn’t matter what order you buy the food in, Keep buying everything in shop until it doesn’t trigger a party chat, you’ll know when your done, if you don’t get any cut scenes, then just go to another shop rinse and repeat. As a Bonus getting party chats increases Charisma.

Stats and Skills

The game doesn’t really say too much on what certain stats do but here you go:

  • Attack: The amount of damage each hit does.
  • Defense: The amount of damage reduced from attacks.
  • Magic: The amount of damage your skills do.
  • Healing: The amount of healing earn per cast on party or yourself.
  • Agility: How fast the character can attack first in the turn order, high agility means you go first!
  • Dexterity: your chance to dodge attacks.
  • Blunt Resistance: The amount of damage reduced from blunt attacks.
  • Blade Resistance: The amount of damage reduced from blade attacks.
  • Bullet Resistance: The amount of damage reduced from bullet attacks.
  • Fire resistance: The amount of damage reduced from fire attacks.
  • Ice Resistance: The amount of damage reduced from ice attacks.
  • Electric Resistance: The amount of damage reduced from electric attacks.

When you level up you gain skills and stats!

Level ups with yellow dots are permanent stats so don’t worry about switching jobs!

Level ups with Green circles are job skills that only can be used with the job you earn it from.

Red circles are job skills that are permanent and can be used with any job!


Just quick extras

Learning the Foreman class gives you a demolish skill that lets you break certain walls to secret shops or for the underground.

At red dot is where you will find a secret shop that has the gold keys needed for gold chests, all this time i was waiting for the story to give it to me like the sliver one.

Now i really dumb with the Invested Vagabond because i thought he was hard to kill, but for those who don’t know vagabond takes only 1 damage from all sources no matter what, so his weakness is consecutive multiple hits but hit him quick as he has a chance to ditch the fight which means no bonus exp.

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