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Rust - Guide to Farming, Tea and Buffs

Written by no tilto bro   /   Mar 15, 2021    

Basics of Farming

At this point in the game, you can grow:

  • Potatoes (it is also an unpretentious plant in the game).
  • Hemp.
  • Corn.
  • Pumpkin.
  • Six types of bushes with berries.

During the growing process, each plant goes through 8 stages of growth. The speed of passing the stages depends on the conditions of detention, as well as on genetics.

What conditions are needed: light, water, soil, and temperature. All of them are listed in the plants table in the Conditions section.

There is also another school called Overall. Its number is equal to the worst indicator in all schools.Also above there are scales that indicate the health indicators, age and stage at which the plant is located.

Growth stages:

  1. Seed (very short stage).
  2. Seedling (+- 10 min).
  3. Sapling (+- 10 min, at this stage you can even clone the plant).
  4. Crossbreed (the most important stage for cloning, which lasts a very short time).
  5. Mature (you can collect the fruit).
  6. Fruiting (you can collect the fruit).
  7. Ripe (you can collect the fruit).
  8. Dying (the plant begins to die).

You also need to know that we can not influence the temperature of growing a plant, so you need to build a farm in a forest biome.

There is an endorsement in the game, but they should only be used in small farms (they are not suitable for crossbreeding, so we don't consider them).

Every plant needs water. There are water intakes in the game, but they are not effective on an industrial scale, so it is best to use a pump. We put it in the river (because there is fresh water (salt water is absolutely not suitable for us)).We connect it to the set and take the hose further. If you have already put the pump in salt water, then connect the hose to an electric desalination plant (there is a small loss of water and it also takes electricity).Next, we have tees and so on, but it is not very necessary, we just put a pump, namely a circulation pump.It allows you to block the water or let it in further, it also allows you to raise the water up, but for this you need to connect it to electricity and then we lead into the sprinklers. We put sprinklers at the intersection of 4 beds, so we will save on sprinklers and water.

Up to 6 sprinklers can be connected from the pump. They still have a problem with watering, they need to be turned on and off. To get around this story, an automatic irrigation system was invented, which is quite easy. How to make it is shown in the photo.

(Russian language).

After you have connected the circuit, you need to water the beds from the canister 1 time on your own, and then the automatic watering will cope by itself (if the soil starts to dry, then raise the timer running time a little).

Then you need to think about the lighting. With it, everything is much easier, we put a lamp over each bed, but once every two floors (this is a bug of the game that will help us save money (at the time of writing, it still exists)).

Fundamentals of Genetics

Now our plants will live, now we need to make offspring from it. Each plant has 6 genes, they can be good and bad.

Good genes include:

  • G - each such gene increases the growth rate.
  • Y - allows you to harvest more crops.
  • H - allows the plant to survive better in unsuitable conditions(perfect for farms in winter or desert).

Bad genes:

  • W - increases the amount of water that the plant needs.
  • X - is an empty gene.

The gene comes across different every time. You can get a completely bad gene (W-W-W-W-W-W), an atk, and a completely good one (G-Y-G-H-H-Y).If you get a good gene, then you can clone it, for further reproduction or crossing. We are waiting for the stage when the plant can be picked up, this stage is different for each plant. The earliest stage to pick up from cannabis is sapling. Hold down the E button and hover over "Clone". Clones can be collected from 2 to 5 (it depends on the W gene). The clone's genotype is displayed in the inventory when you hover over it.

The best genotype for cannabis is the genotype G-G-G-Y-Y-Y (3-G, 3-Y), the order of the genes does not affect anything.

OK, how do we get the genotype 3-G, 3-Y?

To begin with, we plant all the sprouts that we have and see what you have done. The chance that you will get a sprout that you need is very small, but it also happens :).

If you didn't get it, then we'll see what happened.For 50 seeds, I dropped out G-G-Y-Y-Y-X, this is almost perfect, only the X gene separates us from the ideal, which needs to be replaced. To do this, we need to wait until it enters the sapling phase and make a clone.

Let's figure out how to cross plants.

The principle of all plants here is the same. Once a seedling reaches the crossbreed stage, it takes on the strongest genes from its neighbors.

Next, we need to understand how genes affect each other.

The first thing we need to know is that the first gene only affects the first one.Genes from different slots do not affect each other.Thus, to change the last gene, you need to find a sprout from the desired last gene. In our case, we need to replace the X gene with G. So let's find a couple of sprouts with a G at the end.

The Subtleties of Genetics

Let's analyze several situations. You can cross sprouts not only 3 but also more, namely up to 9 pieces, the principle is observed here (in red 100 strength, in green 60).What will happen if you cross 4 genes (Y Y and H H), there will be equal strength, namely 120. In this case, the chance that the drop will be divided equally (50% to 50%).

You also need to know that the forces are only combined in the same genes. If the column for example is GYX, then the green genes (G, Y) will not win, because they have 60 forces, and the red (X) has 100 forces.

There are cases when you need to replace 1 gene, then it will be easier to use the case that was described above, namely 50% to 50%, than to select a sprout that will suit us.

This is essentially all the principles that are in the game at the moment.

How to Build an Efficient Farm?

With all this knowledge, you need to be able to build an efficient farm, which I will now teach you how to build.It is clear that you need to build large farms on water, namely on rivers or lakes, because there is fresh water.We build the first floor so that there is water on it. There we put the pumps, put them as many as we want to build floors. We connect all these pumps with sprinklers.

We will return to this later, but for now we are building the foundation.

On the placement of service corridors will not be, we are talking about the location and processing of beds, everything else can be done as you want. On each floor we have 16 beds, 4 sprinklers and on each even floor we have 16 lamps.

Odd floor:

Even floor:

Also, a coptern should be built on the top floor, because we will have to fly a lot to the city of bandits and back.Also on the roof we put solar panels (13 pieces), 7 panels feed one battery, and 6 another. The first battery is located on the top floor, it feeds all the lights.The remaining 6 panels are powered by another battery, which is located on the ground floor.And of course, to connect the solar panels, we need Combine Harvesters (11 pieces).From the lower battery we have a splitter, we output 33 energy to our pumps (each pump uses 5 energy, and the other three go to the electricity separation (as shown in the photo (the splitter should beat at 16)).

Another wire that goes from the splitter, which is located near the battery, in the same way entangles the circulation pumps (as shown in the photo (the splitter is powered by 10)).

It remains to connect the circulation pumps to the watering cans. Also here you can connect the same automatic watering, which was described above.This is the end of the construction of the farm itself.


About berries, everything will be easier, they can be found in the forest, there are 6 types of them:

  • Yellow
  • White
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue ones
  • Black

At the moment, black berries are not used for making tea, so it makes no sense to keep them.

On the mixing table with berries, you can brew teas that give buffs when drinking them. What is the buff and how much time is left can be checked in the inventory.

Be careful, all buffs disappear when you die. Now let's talk about all the buffs a little bit. Each tea is of 3 categories, simple, advanced, pure. The higher the discharge, the stronger the effect. The simplest buff is the buff on the hill, it is essentially the same as a large first aid kit. But there is a problem, before using it, you need to knock off the radiation, or stop the bleeding.

Buff to increase the amount of health, you need to pump to the maximum, time and cost are justified by an increase in health by 20 units. Buff on increasing the amount of scrap in my opinion is the most useless, because it only increases the amount of scrap falling from the barrels. But the buffs for ore or wood are the coolest, but pumping them to clean ones is not the best idea, since 4 teas for 60% is not much worse than 1 tea for 100%.

Buf on radiation is strange, and useless, because it is only suitable for lutannya sphere in an owl suit (it is needed so as not to vidhilyuvatsya on the mountain).

After that, it is clear that you need to collect only blue, red and yellow berries, and with their diluted there are several problems.This is due to cloning, because it is only possible after 100 minutes after landing. But it is still possible, and as a result, they will spoil each other's genes.To solve the problem, you do not need to clone the sprouts, but eat the berries to get more seeds. But you also need to plant them in a special way, as shown in the photo (the same color, this is the same type of seeds).

And the central slot can be planted with your favorite other plant.Then we buy, study the table for jam tea and make tea.

Written by no tilto bro.

Game:   Rust