Rust – Best Binds List (Survival and PvP)

A guide to the most useful binders in the rast. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, in any case you will find a lot of interesting things here!


  • instead of X, we write the key on which we want to bind the command.
  • instead of Y, write the number.
  • bind X “” – delete the bind.
  • bind X attack – auto attack.
  • bind X attack; duck – sitting attack.
  • bind X +attack; +jump – jump + hit.
  • bind X forward; sprint – auto run.
  • bind X +jump; +duck – jump with squats.
  • bind mousewheelup +jump – jump up on the mouse wheel.
  • bind mousewheeldown +jump – jump down on the mouse wheel.
  • bind mouse1 +hoverloot; +attack2 – quick loot on the right mouse button.
  • bind mouse0 +lighttoggle; +attack – flashlight when laying.
  • bind mouse1 +lighttoggle; +attack2 – flashlight when aiming.
  • bind X 0.1 – decrease the volume in the game.
  • bind X 0.7 – increase the volume in the game.
  • bind X +slot6; +attack – auto-use a syringe.
  • bind X “craft.add -2072273936 Y” – autocraft.

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