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Loop Hero - Ermac (Hidden / Secret Enemy)

Written by Dri   /   Updated: Mar 4, 2021    

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Ermac - Hidden / Secret Enemy if You Have too Many Perks

TL;DR: If you're planning to leave the game running for so long that you get tons and tons of perks, or if you just plan to ~cheat~, be mindful of the extra perk that can show up. It has an angry face icon, no description, and seemingly does nothing upon being acquired.

Once chosen, it will spawn an enemy on the map, represented by a bunch of red lines. This enemy, while he doesn't hit very hard, has more HP than any other mob you can encounter (not bosses, though, obviously) and will permanently remove one of your perks every single time they hit you. They attack once a second or so, and don't seem to be able to miss.

Was actually extremely amused at discovering this. I don't know if it's an anti-cheat method (in which case, it's too light, because restoring deleted perks is possible if you just get more exp) or if it's something the devs left in by mistake, but it's extremely funny to me.

But I guess also be careful? Like, this MIGHT be able to show up in a normal playthrough if you do high-exp builds? It could completely destroy your run if you're unprepared.

Oh and if you're wondering, having tried multiple times on purpose, killing it doesn't yield anything special besides the ability to buy the perks again and spawn a second one.

Written by Dri.

Game:   Loop Hero