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Tile Combinations List (Spoilers)

I’ve been experimenting but no luck; it starts to get harder to find them by accident with so many cards. If you find any, post them and I’ll try to arrange them in the OP later.

Old Combinations

The ones that were in the demo.

Meadows adjacent to anything besides meadows – Blooming Meadow, 50% more efficient.

Mountains/rocks: 3×3 grid makes Mountain Peak, gives large health bonus and spawns harpies. also every 10 mountain/rocks spawns a goblin camp, goblins kinda suck.

Swamp adjacent to goblin camp – Lookout Goblin Camp, it makes even crappier goblins why did you do this.

Vampire Mansion adjacent to village – Ransacked Village, which becomes Count’s Lands.

Battlefields overlapping – Bloody paths on applicable nearby road, spawns blood clots.

Suburbs in a + shape: makes a better suburb in the middle.

Treasury surrounded by anything – empty treasury, spawns gargoyles.

New Combinations

Bookery = when empty, spawns tomes in adjacent areas.

Empty Bookery adjacent to Vampire Mansion = spawns Vampire mages.

Rivers next to Battlefields – oasis (on river tiles) which gives -0.5% hero attack speed + -1% attack speed to monsters.

River next to Desert/Dune – -0.5% hero atk speed, -1% monster atk speed.

Storm Temple lined up with forests – 0.5 magic damage.

Forest/Thicket – Spawns a ‘village’ after 10 placed, just like mountains and goblin camps.

Villages – placing 2 spawns a bandit camp, bandits suck and can break your items (even equipped)

Desert/Dune tiles have an interaction with mosquitos from swamps.

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  1. > bandits suck and can break your items (even equipped)

    “Bandits suck” is an understatement. It’s a piss-poor design choice for an enemy that is already pretty tough given their evade and attack speed. Nothing like a 5% chance per hit to instantly ruin your run with no way to defend or counter… other than not placing 2 villages, or saving an oblivion to nuke the bandit camp as soon as you place the 2nd village.

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