Absolver – Mastering New Styles Using Schools

You begin the game with only 1 style, but it is possible to master all 4 on a single character using schools. This guide will touch on finding and joining schools, and using them to permanantly unlock combat styles.

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At the beginning of the game, you are given the opportunity to choose one of 3 fighting styles. Congratulations! You’re a quarter of the way to having all 4 styles and a fancy new achievement. Although based on the number of people with this achievement, it’s clear information on learning the rest isn’t readily available. My goal is to make information on mastering all of the styles common knowledge. While this guide will touch on schools, it will not go in depth, and will primarily focus on learning styles. All screenshots are taken from the process of learning Forsaken style for myself, which you can see I do not have from the start.

Absolver - Mastering New Styles Using Schools

Finding and Joining Schools

Currently, the only way to learn new styles is to join a school. An easy way to join a school without having a friend with the style you want just go to your encounters.

Absolver - Mastering New Styles Using Schools

The triangles next to some players’ names is used to show that the player is in a school, and if you highlight their name, you can see what style their school uses. To join the school, select their name, then select “view/join school”, and finally “join school” will be on the left side. Once you are part of the school, you can use its combat deck, or even just the style with your own deck. On the style selection, your new style will have a blue icon. The blue is to show that using it in combat trials will earn you more school exp.

Absolver - Mastering New Styles Using Schools

Now that you have the style, you can use it freely as long as you are in the school. However, if you leave the school you will no longer have access to it. This isn’t very helpful if you want all 4 styles, so you need to unlock it permanantly.

Permanently Unlocking Styles

To keep a style after leaving the school, you need to master it, although the process of doing so is quite a grind. Mastering a style requires you to use the style’s unique defensive technique (avoid for windfall, parry for forsaken, absorb for khalt, and defensive attacks for stagger) to protect against oncoming attacks. successfully using the defense will fill up a meter similarly to learning new moves.

Absolver - Mastering New Styles Using Schools

The easiest way to do this solo is to find an enemy with a consistant and predictable attack pattern, and focusing on landing the defense. With windfall and forsaken style it is posible to fully master the style with only one enemy, because they do not require you to hurt the enemy or take damage. Alternatively, you can have a friend use predictable moves that you can consistantly defend against. The experience you earn works like learning a new move; you will only keep it if you kill the enemy. Once you have mastered the style, you can change schools without any worry of losing access to it.

Absolver - Mastering New Styles Using Schools

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