GTA 5 – Convenience Store Robbery Waypoint Guide (Story Mode)

A quick reference guide for finding the nearest local neighborhood convenience store to take out a cash withdrawl.

Guide to Convenience Store Robbery Waypoint

All credit goes to MidnightGuideWriter!


This is a quick reference guide for finding POS’ in order to make cash withdrawls. Go to each location marked in the screenshot and ask the clerk nicely for your money.

Pro Tips

  • Pre-park the get away vehicle for a faster get-away.
  • Shooting bottles / store merchandise not only makes the cashier withdraw money faster, but it seems to encourage them to give you larger amounts.
  • Always aim for the face / shoot near the head in case ornery store clerks armed with shotguns try to reverse the situation. This is always a good time to switch to first person (FP) for racking up some play time on FP.
  • Save up your first few withdrawls to purchase a silencer, this prevents ne’er do wells from intervening while the aforementioned bottles are being shot
  • If there is a single red dot on the map advancing on your position, it is a dog and if the dog gets a hold of you, you are dead. So, watch out.
  • Robbing too many stores in the same day, or repeatedly robbing the same stores in a circuit will increase the response level and decrease the amount withdrawn. Changing characters does not reset this, only time does.
  • Have fun making some early game money.

Stick Up Locations

  • Located immediately behind Franklins’ house

  • Located a few blocks south of Franklins’ house

  • Little Seoul Car Wash

  • Along North Vinewood Highway, just north of Observatory entrance.

Hit this location then drive into the hills immediately behind the store and continue west until you reach Chumash to hit the next location.

  • Chumash

After robbing Chumash, drive a car onto the beach and head just north of the store, take the drainage culvert back up into the hills to hide from the 5-0, after the heat goes away get back on the high and head south for the next location.

  • South Chumash

Rob the store, then hit the beach and drive north back to the same drainage culvert that was used to hide during the first Chumash robbery.

  • Mirror Park (North East Los Santos (NE LS) near the dams)

  • Convenience Store – Eastern LS Highway, near far eastern Ammunation

  • Grapeseed

Hit this convenience store after completing a run of Trevors trafficking jobs to reset the trafficking job spawns, finish the jobs then complete the cycle through the following stores while completing the trafficking missions in between.

  • NE LS Highway

  • Sandy Shores

  • Convenience Store – Upper North Eastern LS Highway

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