GTA 5 – Casino Heist Setups General (GTA Online)

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I have done 1- 2 setups a day since they launched the DLC and I have learnt a few things that may help someone.

1st Planning Board: Casino Scope and Vault

Scope Out

There are 10 spots to get, most of them need the keypad and camera in the frame of pic others none. When you enter lobby take the pics there then take elevator to Roof Terrace to meet Yung Ancestor. He is needed for you to do patrol routes, when he rings answer and complete his silly mission. I haven’t got all POIs because I have not been to the blueprints in Ms Baker’s office, on her desk. You can then build a vault door in your nerve center for 900k. I do have it now. Also I have not panned all the cameras in the vault contents mission which i will do next time.

Vault Contents

You have to find a dude and scan his phone while following him. Using an Oppressor II makes it easy to spot him from approach but dont let him see you on bike before or after, finding him on foot is a bit harder but not bad and dont arm up either, just make sure he is close when you start hacking because he walks off. Go to the casino…

Casino Hacking

  • Open your phone, go to bottom right app and launch.
  • If the bar is below 1 go to the rear, near managers entrance in toilet next to it.
  • BAR 1-2 the opposite side of managers area, 2 Big doors with keypad.
  • Bar 2-3 The Inside track room.
  •  The opposite side of casino from inside track, just outside semi circle white room wall.
  • Bar 3+ Behind the Cashier on left looking at from lobby.
  • It will tell you to open app and cams come up.

Vault Cam

Cycle through theses slow loading cams until you find the vault, pan right and when Lester says what is inside you can leave and finish. I dont like cash, so if I get it, I ring Lester and cancel the heist losing the 25k initial cost. I’ve done it up to 3 times but it is still worth it to me not mashing away madly and losing lots in getaway.

Choose your Style

Silent and Sneaky 

Hard to do and really hard if you get caught.

The Big Con

Easy to do with Grupp Secs gear entry and any Disguise leaving. Take stairs up from vault and use pause to see their cones of vision, get in behind and knock them out (dont shoot) then sneak into to laundry change and walk out.


Easy to do with good guns and all the 10 Dugan shipments completely killed. Enter through Sewer and leave shooting your way out. You can see that I have the Big Con active on hard, defined by the skull in the icon. When I refer to a Heli they are buzzards except for Dugan Shipments and are all guns only

2nd Planning Board Setup Support Crew

Choose your team 3 types of help. Guns Cars and Hacker.

You have to choose these before you can proceed further.

  • Guns I use expert for Aggressive, lowest for big con and 7% or above for Sneaky.
  • Cars I ONLY use lowest guy to get the sentinel classic car option in the set up start.
  • Hacker I use the best I have for Big Con and Sneaky. Lowest For Aggressive cause it doesn’t mater.
  • Guns Choosing now between 2 types of weapons. Choose the one you like best.
  • Cars Select this and choose Sentinel, it is all you need. When you have them in your garage get in each car car and you will see an option to upgrade it, at least bullet proof tyres. I only do 1 to full and remove livery to tell it apart.
  • Hacker As I said above. “I use the best I have for Big Con and Sneaky. Lowest For Agro cause it doesn’t mater.”

3 Planning Board Missions

Now you have that sorted you have a lot of options to select from. Some are compulsory and others not. If it is your first time you should do them all. If it isn’t your 1st , you dont need to do Patrol Routes again or Drills. as drills are for safety deposit boxes which i hardly ever get time to do unless I have 4 people.

A lot of players do not realise there are options within these options as well (like team options). You can choose types of Guns, Cars, Entry disguise, Exit disguise, Patrol routes and Security pass Level 1 or 2.

For each Type of Heist there are different options only for that type of Heist and others that you do for all types. I will start with the general ones first.


Thermal Charges

They are usually in a warehouse or Biker clubhouse with 3-4 guys out front and 6 or so inside to kill, medium to hard to live through solo and always 2 packages to collect. When you leave, 2 cars chase you and 2 helicopters a bit later, all are easy to run from if you are lucky.

Vault Explosives

There are 4 sites where they spawn:

  • Elisian island this the easiest as you can park quite close to the search site.
  • Palteo Bay hard to live through heli assault, I have 50/50 record of living.
  • Catfish View hard again.
  • Alamo Sea (where Valkerie is in Human labs heist) hard again.

All of these follow the same pattern. When you get there, kill 6 or so guys on land then a heli and 3 boats over the search site. Get changed into scuba gear and park your aircraft on an island or land close to search site. Swim down and find the 2 packages then you have a countdown to get to safety before the helis attack. You can find the other package later if you are solo.

If you are lucky you get away, the helis will still be there when you get back but if you die you are in big trouble. I call the Terrorbyte before I go down to site and if you are lucky you can get in and shoot them with it if they kill you. There are waves of 2 helis that show up each time you kill them and I have seen 3 waves and up to 6 waves come in.

Go away then come back when they are settled over search area and they are easier to kill. Once they are all dead you can collect package/s and go. I’ve done these solo without dying and you can run out of time if you die, but having 2 ppl makes it a lot easier.

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  1. like sales u can always do the ram suspend and change servers if ud like to have a solo session or change the mission loc u dont like. i always change servers when i get a far mission. u will never have to leave the city or go more than 2km for any mission

  2. Go with worst gunman on every approach. SMG is enough for Aggressive if you do Duggan Shipments. Just aim for the head.

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