Bloons TD 6 – Spike Factories Guide

Spike factories are usually thrown in the trash, but they can actually be very useful support towers and be used in certain traps or of course, as a last line of defense. This guide will focus on the general strength and weaknesses of spike factories as well as all the three paths and what they do to your spike factory.

Guide to Spike Factories

What Are Spike Factories? And What Are They Good for?

Spike factories are support towers that range from 850 – 1200 dollars in-game and basically produce stacks of spikes which can be used to stop advancing balloons.

Spike factories are best as a second line of defense and can be used even in the middle of a map or at the end of the map to stop extra balloons that got through your first line of defense.


  • Relatively cheap to place.
  • Can knock out and deal with various types of balloons when upgraded.


  • Expensive upgrades.
  • Struggles with moabs.

Top Path (Recommended)

If you go for the top path for spike factories, once you get to the third upgrade you get spiked balls which provide better damage to ceramic and lead balloons with the addition of extra durability.

The fourth upgrade expands on this with the spiked balls now being able to explode whenever they reach the end of their life and the last tier 5 upgrade simply makes these aspects more extreme.

Overall, the top path is one of the best paths for spike factory and due to the exploding elements, as well as its better match up against ceramic and lead balloons, it does great with taking out large groups of balloons and is one of the few paths that makes the spike factory better at dealing with moabs although it isn’t the best of course and still struggles in most circumstances.

Some of the most prevalent weaknesses with going with this path is the fact that the spikes have short time until they disappear, even if you go for two upgrades on the down path, which can really limit its potential as well as it being very expensive although this is an issue with every path of the spike factory overall.

Middle Path (Not Recommenced)

Once you reach the tier 3 upgrade for this path, you get spikes that can do extra damage to moabs.

On tier 4 you get an ability which allows you to cover the entire map in spikes and the final tier makes this change permanent.

Overall, the middle path serves upgrades that can make your spike factory destroy moabs better, but not much else. The increased spike production and the extra damage to moabs does make it easier to destroy them but its better and easier to just use cannons and other towers which are much cheaper and can hold out against balloons unlike the middle path of spike factories which despite the large amount of spikes they produce, are still not enough and are too weak to take down groups of balloons especially in the later levels.

Although unlike many other towers, because the middle path provides an extreme amount of spike production, its potential isn’t so limited but its still expensive and the spikes don’t last long.

Bottom Path (Recommended)

Once you reach tier 3 for this path, you are granted spikes that can last longer and up to an entire round.

Tier 4 grants you spikes that can pop into more layers of balloons and the tier 5 upgrade makes spikes almost permanent.

Overall, the bottom path is pretty good for most cases but can struggle a bit.

Its long reach and long life spikes can endure through many rounds and be more efficient than most other spikes which can correlate well with faster production.

However, because the spikes are relatively un-specialized in terms of popping certain types of balloons and the fact that its still limited in the numbers of spikes it can produce, it can still be an easily passable defense.

Although out of all the paths, this one has the benefit of being the least expensive of course so more can be made like this at a cheaper cost than all the other paths but all the weaknesses I have already stated still apply.


Over all, spike factories are great support towers and can act as a second line of defense but they still have the problems of being expensive and being weak to certain types of balloons and bosses like moabs which restrict them from being any better.

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