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GTA 5 - How to Teleport Around the Map (GTA Online)

Written by armanfire   /   Updated: May 7, 2021    

How to teleport around the GTA Online map without leaving the session.

Guide to Teleport Around the Map

Enable Job Blips

  1. Enable map jobs.

Interaction Menu (M) > Hide Options > Jobs > Show All

Hover Over Nearest Job to Destination

  1. Hover over the nearest job to your destination.
  2. Press Start Job.

Host Selected Job

  1. Host selected job.
  2. Spam right click as soon as you press host, and spam until the next prompt appears.

Exit the Job

  1. Wait at least 2 seconds before proceeding to next step.
  2. Exit the job.



Not Teleportating (Try Spamming Right click after hosting the job and wait for the two clicks, like when you load down from the sky).

Written by armanfire.

Game:   GTA 5