GTA 5 – All Playing Cards Locations (GTA Online)

Please note: all credit goes to Akmelion!

Collecting all 54 Playing Cards in GTA 5 Online will earn you 66,650 casino chips. With all 54 Playing Cards collected, you will also unlock the exclusive High Roller Outfit and a unique set of Playing Cards that can only be used by your Penthouse suite dealer.

The Collector in Red Dead Online can be unlocked by purchasing the Collector’s Bag from traveling saleswoman, Madam Nazar, for 15 Gold Bars. Players who collect all 54 hidden GTA Online playing cards can obtain the Collector’s Bag for free, beginning Sept. 10.

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Possible Bug

A bug can occur while collecting the cards – even though you’ve collected all of them in order, you can still lack one. In this case, you have to visit all the 54 places once again. In one of them, you’ll find the missing card.

Full Map

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All Playing Cards

1. Jetsam Terminal (Buccaneer Way)

2. Ammu-nation with shooting range (Cypress Flats)

3. Vagos Territory (La Mesa)

4. Los Santos Tattoos (El Burro Heights)

5. Los Santos International Airport

6. Maze Bank Arena

7. Stripclub

8. Davis Fire Station

9. Rob’s Liquor (Murrieta Heights)

10. LST – Little Seoul Station

11. IAA Headquarters

12. Muscle Sands Gym

13. Hair saloon (Vespucci Boulevard/Bay City Avenue)

14. Del Perro Pier

15. Ammu-nation with shooting range (Pillbox Hill)

16. Clothing shop “Ponsonbys” (Burton)

17. Auto Exotic

18. Backlot City – Stage 15 (Richards Majestic Movie Studio)

19. Limited LTD Gasoline (E Mirror Drive, Mirror Park)

20. House (Mad Wayne Thunder Drive/Rockford Hills)

21. The Gentry Manor Hotel

22. House (Richman/West Eclipse Boulevard)

23. Pacific Standard bank

24. Von Crastenburg Hotel (Rockford Hills)

25. House (Didion Drive)

26. 24/7 Supermarket (Ineseno Road, Banham Canyon)

27. Nelson’s General Store

28. Limited LTD Gasoline (Tongva Drive, Banham Canyon)

29. Observatory Rest rooms

30. La Fuente Blanca (The Madrazo Cartel Ranch)

31. Ammu-nation (Tataviam mountains)

32. Senora Desert Trailer Park

33. Rebel Radio Building

34. TPI Meth Lab (Great Chaparral)

35. House (Grand Senora Desert)

36. The Range (Stab City)

37. House (Joshua Road/Sandy Shores)

38. Sandy Shores Fire Station

39. Yellow Jack Bar

40. You Tool (Senora Freeway)

41. Park View Diner

42. Cape Catfish

43. Mount Gordo

44. McKenzie Field

45. Limited LTD Gasoline (Grapeseed Main Street)

46. Foreclosed North Alamo Pier (Alamo Sea)

47. Observation Deck (Raton Canyon)

48. Discount Store (Route 68, Zancudo River)

49. Fort Zancudo

50. Pier (Paleto Cove)

51. Pala Springs Aerial Tramway (Paleto Forest)

52. ATM near Herr Kutz Barber (Paleto Bay)

53. Beeker’s Garage (Paleto Bay)

54. Picnic table near 24/7 Supermarket (Senora Freeway)

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  1. #33 is on the L of the rebel radio sign with the flag flappin to the left of it if anyone wonders lol.
    I saved a screenshot of it if anyone wants it too 🙂

  2. wow, it took me 2 hours of real time for this game .. and all that they gave me was a dress, xs where are changeable cards and about 70K chips

  3. I collected only on the map.
    Search problems were only with numbers 33 and 50.
    Basically not for long. From transport, a fast motorcycle or a compressor is recommended. More such tasks.

  4. Really good guide, just make sure you make a note of which ones you collect so you don’t end up with 53/54 and wonder which one you missed -_-

  5. Good list, just make sure to pay super close attention, missing even one card really sucks!

  6. Number 17, I cant see it. I’m in the exact spot. There’s no “Employee’s Only” sign above the door although there is the broken glass behind it so I know I’m in the right place

  7. interesting tricks with robberies, that as all the series of robberies do not go through, in order to stand out, it will not work to farm the loot, unfortunately, it’s interesting, and GMP is counted only at the very late passage of the series of robberies or not necessarily, the main thing is that everything is in a row in the order of one brigades without deaths. and I still don’t understand

  8. thanks for the guide, at first I collected 53 cards, although I traveled all the points, I found the last one in blackcklot city

  9. sometimes there is a bug that 1 card is missing, but I have a bug that 6 cards are missing

  10. THE AUTHOR IS THE BEST, in fact there are glitches, they bitch initially showed 3/54 (randomly ran at one time and found 3) so as not to take a steam bath, I started from the first point, so in the end I arrived at 53 in Beeker’s Garage and it was empty, although before that I started from 1 points were all OK everywhere, I went to pick up 54 and returned back to the garage and everything became normal

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