Days Gone – How to Reduce Game Size

This guide will show you how to free 15+ GB of disc space in Days Gone.

Guide to Reduce Game Size

The Guide

Like many other games Days Gone will install language-pack files of all supported languages.

By following these simple steps you can free 15+ GB of disc space:

  • Open the game folder of Days Gone

…SteamsteamappscommonDays Gone

  • Open BendGameContentPaksLang

  • Here you will find 24 pak-files. 23 of them are the language-pack files.
  • siepresents.pak is not a language-pack file – Don’t delete this file!

Important: All files larger than 1 GB are language files of the fully supported languages (audio, texts etc.)

  • All small files are the files of unsupported audio languages (Chinese etc.).
  • If you need them, don’t delete the english language-pack file (es.pak).

Remember: Don’t delete siepresents.pak. Delete all the other language-pack files.

  • You can delete 22 files & free up to 15+ GB of disk space.
  • In the end, there should only be 2 pak-files in the Lang folder.

Important: If you verify the game-cache the files will be restored Future updates may also restore these files.

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