Days Gone – How to Take Out A Hoard (Easy Method)

I’ve figured out an easier way to take out a hoard, rather than getting the whole hoard to chase you through choke points. There is still some of that, so you don’t lose all of that tension and fun.

Guide to Take Out A Hoard Easy


Essentially this is a very simple method.

It is a rather slow way which involves a lot of waiting.

  • First, find where the hoard holes up during the day.
  • Second, wait until evening, when the hoard is out hunting food.
    • Mine their hole-up area with remote bombs. Don’t get caught.
    • You can use any explosives you like. Remote control is better than proximity triggered, imho, because a single individual will trigger a proximity bomb/mine. You decide when to trigger a remote bomb.
  • Third, wait until daylight, when the hoard is back in their hole-up.
    • Trigger your bombs, wiping out at least half of the hoard, hopefully.
  • Finally, mop up what’s left.
    • At this stage finish them off using any method you prefer. There are plenty of guides on how to do that.

About Why?

About why you might want to use this method.

I’m an old man (63) and not an experienced gamer. Also I had a minor stroke last year (July ’21), which has affected my right hand and arm. The co-ordination and control on that side is compromised, so my fingers can twitch at unexpected moments or just rest on a button firmly enough to press it unexpectedly.

Taking out the Chemult Hoard with Captain Kouri. I tried to take the hoard out so many times, using the methods detailed in several other guides, however I died every time. For example, While trying to position an explosive on the run, I’ll drop it in the wrong place because my finger twitched, blowing myself up. This is despite having enough time. It isn’t happening because I’m under pressure, it’s because I no longer have the co-ordination or control in my right hand. Eventually the game UI offered me an even easier method, give up and let the UI kill them off. I got to this point several times before eventually giving up.

You might want to try my method if you’re having trouble taking out a hoard.

So far I haven’t tried it on every hoard, only on hoards which hole up in a mine. It should be just as effective on a hoard which holes up in a train. Both are very enclosed spaces.

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