Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus – Tips and Tricks for Getting Started

Before you Play the Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any tips feel free to share with us!

Things to Know Before Playing

  • The campaign is on a turn limit of sorts; you won’t be able to do every mission. You should be able to do most of them, though – you’ll get around 30 missions per campaign (more if you’re quick and quiet) and the first two missions chains you get are 12 missions each; it is probably better to not try finish both of those in one run.
  • Speaking of campaign planning, it is a good idea to do missions issued by Khepra as they unlock more tech-priests for your party.
  • There is a semi-hidden mission-giver that starts giving you tasks when you are after roughly 20% of the game; it’s seven missions with a secret boss at the end. The questgiver shows up when you press Space on the ship menu screen where you choose missions.
  • It is pointless to upgrade auxiliaries, past early game they are only good for distracting the enemy.
  • On that account, the skill tree that makes your Techpriests buff your auxiliaries is worthless.
  • When it comes to picking armor and upgrades, movement is king; everyone should have at least one movement-increasing skill.
  • There are no good Energy Melee weapons unless you got the preorder/deluxe version DLC.
  • There is an early item that lets you deal minor damage to an enemy and push it away one square. Everyone should have that since it can prevent killed enemies from rising again.
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