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Soulworker - Leveling Tips

Written by Furu   /   Updated: May 22, 2021    

This is a simple guide will help you get through with your main quests from Level 65 onwards.

Tips to Leveling

Ruin Fortress

You should solely focus on your Main Quest (until you reach the dungeon 'Deep Core').

Before entering the dungeon - Deep Core, you should use a High Class Combat Manual [1H], which gives 100% XP for 1 hour.

This will make sure you have enough EXP to advance to your next quests, without wasting more Fatique Points with repeating other dungeons.

Dipluce Horizon

Once you enter Dipluce Horizon (DH), you must use a High Class Collection [2H], which gives 100% XP for 2 hours.

You should still focus on your Main Quest (you will get stuck at certain times with the Main Quests, when this happens you should do some Blue Side-Quests).

You can grab any Level 62+ Blue Quest to help you gain more XP (there are two very important Blue Quest you should take).

Blue Quest #1

Quest Name: [Maniac] Giant Type Soul Junk

  • Gives 125m+ XP per completion.
  • You can do this x10 times.

Blue Quest #2

Quest Name: [Maniac] Operation: Subjugation

  • Gives 156m+ XP per completion.
  • You can do this x10 times.

Note: only do the 2 important Blue Quest, when you're stuck at certain quests, where you need to be a higher Level.

That's it! I wish you the best with leveling, goodluck!

You can now just repeat the process of doing the 2 important Blue Quest when needed, and complete your Main Quests.

Written by Furu.

Game:   Soulworker