Path of Exile – Achievements for Atlas Completion

Helps people get the atlas achivements, the ones that requires you to complete all the maps on the atlas!

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Just a simple guide to help you get the cartographers achievements in POE.

I have seen people on reddit and myself not get the achivement for completing all the maps on the respective tier, yet I have for sure done all the white and yellow maps already.

The most important thing to keep in mind while hunting these achivements is that shaped maps will mess up the achivement. As of 3.0 , if you shape a map , it will no longer count for its original tier, thus make it impossible for you to obtain the achivement.

If you have shaped a map, just get the unshaping orb from the vendor recipe of 20 chisels and 5 regrets, and use on the shaped map and complete it like normal. If you would like to shape it again after you get the achievement, just do the bonus objective again.

White Maps (Tier 1-5)

Very straight forward, all these maps are easy to obtain, whether getting them as drops, or buying them from other players. Just complete them all and make sure to not shape any of them before you complete all the white tier maps or else the achivement wont count.

Yellow Maps (Tier 6-10)

Also fairly straight forward, most of these will drop naturally, but may require some to be purchased from other players.

Again dont shape any of them mid tier maps until you get the completion achivement.

Red Maps (Tier 11-16)

The highest tiers of maps, the red maps, now these will be much harder to complete fully due to the rarity of the red maps dropping.

Some of these will be rather hard to obtain if they have a particularly hard or unpleasant layout (cough maze scriptorium).

On a side note, if your build isnt that great, remeber that the achivements need you to complete the map, meaning to you can finish the map at normal rarity and it would still count. You dont need to alch and vaal the map for it to count towards this achivement. How ever if you want it to count towards the atlas bonus in game, you will need to alch and vaal the map.

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