Super Animal Royale – Starters Guide (Useful Tips)

Tips for When You Starting Out

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Every time you log into the lobby, you can go and look around the map. You could see that there is this target place where you can practice on some weapons as well as see how much damage you are doing. Try to hit the dummies at close range and long range so you could see how much damage you can do and what weapon you feel more comfortable with.

Weapon Damage

Your choice in weapon does matter. Some weapons do more than damage, for example you could see that the bow and this gun shoots birds at your oponents. Well this marks them so that even if you are on the other side of the wall you could actually see the little bird on top of them. That way you know their location at all times (or until the bird flies off).

The dart gun not only does damage but also poisons your enemy but that’s not it’s only use. If you are playing squads or duo, you can shoot your teammate with it and they could get heal. Try not to spam the bullets since the healing doesn’t add up. Just time your shots right and with 3 or 4 shots your team mate could go from dying to full health.

Powerups and Importance

Powerups are also important. It can determine a victory or fail depending on how you use them.

The best powerup you could get is the supercup since it can heal you 25% faster. When you are in the middle of a battle or at the final circle, sometimes it comes down to who can survive under the skunk gas. Having this cup would be a great advantage. As you can see, almost everyone had one for the final round. But there are other useful powerups you can use which there is a guide already that explains with detail. So I’ll link it right here.

Speed Depending on Weapon

There are 4 weapons you can have while playing, 2 guns, 1 melee and 1 proyectile. The type of weapon you are currently holding determines how fast you can run or walk. If it’s a big gun, for example a riffle, it would make you mover slower.

But if instead you are holding your melee weapon you would go at a normal speed and if you timed your jump correctly you could also get that speed boost.

Your normal speed also applies when you are holding small weapons such as the magnum or the pistol. It’s also more noticeable how slow you can move if you acquire the mini gun, you move really slowly compared to everything else.


Noise is one important asset in the game, not only you have visual help for when there are gunshots, deaths, crates opening,but you also have sound queus. Pay attention to your srroundings, you could hear people getting closer just by hearing their jumps or their steps. Always be on alert for any sound around you.

Timing Your Jumps

We all know that timing your jumps gives you a little boost, but did you know that you could also do damage while jumping? This could also be by timing your jumps correctly. First you have to click and then jump, it takes a lot of time to master to perfection. but once you start, you can’t stop. This will divide de pros from the plebs (like me).


Don’t be scared to hide from the chaos, sometimes patience is a virtue and could reward you greatlly. For example you are the last alive in your squad, you could hide and camp waiting if someone comes by or you can get ready for the skunk gas to come. You could also go fight everyone if you think you could do it. But patience is super important, as well as knowing when to sneak in or how. It can lead to great victories.

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