Just Die Already – How to Solve Zen Garden Main Puzzle

Zen Garden Main Puzzle Guide

Getting Through the Large Wooden Gates

Preferably just use C4. If you don’t have C4 and can’t spawn it from a machine, get some from the City Center’s main promenade. The construction yard has multiple C4’s by default, in the wheelbarrow and on the table.

You can also get inside the gates by knocking off the fire hydrant next to the main entrance and/or using i.e. a mattress or a trampoline to bounce in. There are many different options to get in and out of the Zen Garden, with explosives being, of course, the most permanent solution.

Opening Up the Rest of the Zen Garden

Entrance to the locked side building at the back of the temple area requires getting rid of the lower half of your legs (below the knees).

For complete unlocking of the temple area, you will also need two Golden Keys:

  • One to open up the inner yard section’s gate — although it’s possible to brute force one of the orbs over that doorway by dragging it over the roofs, so technically this one’s not mandatory, but it saves you a lot of grind.
  • Another to open up the weapons storage room (with JDA ticket[s] inside it) in the same side-building that requires “feetless” entrance.

There is also a movable statue-puzzle that’s hidden in the area which reveals something quite disturbing, to say the least. Opening it up will also unlock a bucket list item.

Avoiding getting ganged up on by the NPC monks:

  • Wear a Zen Master Hat. Grab one from the female monks that are roaming around the giant gong in the front yard.

To unlock the Zen Garden temple’s master room, you will need to:

  • Find three different-colored orbs: red, green and blue, and insert them on their consecutive places inside the temple’s control room (street level, inside the building opposite to the main temple’s entrance).

The three orbs.

Find two special keys to fit the console behind the orbs. Hint: The pictures on the back wall of the control room are trying to tip the player towards the location of the keys.

The back wall of the control room once the orbs have been inserted in place.

“Hmm…” *thinking intensifies*

Once the panel is completely unlocked, push the red button, rush outside and get ready!

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