Going Medieval – Useful Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks for Gameplay

Management and Mechanics Tips

Settler priorities

Its like Rimworld, if you found that too complex. If you struggle with it id suggest you sit down and realy practice with it. Its not hard and my main tip is less is more. Dont set loads of things to priority 1 or 2. Leave most on 3 or even 4. You will slowly adjust it as you play. Easy.

How to heal settlers

Make sure their convalescence is set to highest priority – they will go to bed, they might also get up to eat every now and again while they heal. Then someone who has tend as a priority will come and heal them (or you can send a settler to tend to that person by right-clicking).

How to use weapons

  • In the management screen you can assign them equipment categories (weapons, clothing etc). You can also select the pawn and right click on a specific weapon to force equip it.
  • To get them to fight you need to draft them (the horn icon on their card).
  • When you do use weapons make sure you have a majority of your guys using bows, with a smaller melee force just in case they get through.
  • Having 5-10 archers can easily wipe out a decent sized group of invaders.

Building Tips

  • You can’t have more than 3 block indistance between a wall and a roof so the room size limit without beams should be 6.
  • If you cap your walls with flooring you can place merlons outboard for the entire length of the wall without needing any extra support. Merlons don’t prevent you from shooting in any direction including straight down from above. There’s corner pieces available in the sub menu just right of the build menu.
  • Research items rot, build a library for them. Once allocated to a technology, they’re in use and if they rot away you end up needing to remake them before you can unlock new tech. If they start to rot you can easily end up in a big research item debt.

How to shrink a zone

Click and highlight the storage zone and there is a button on the bottom right called shrink zone. After you click that then you just click on the parts of the zone you want to remove (shrink).

How to dig a basement

Dig three or 4 tiles and place a stair case going down, then dig four more tiles on the level below to place another. Repeat to get to lower levels.

Resources Tips

How to get iron

You can find iron underneath other resources like clay,limestone,coal. Also you can use a Kiln to melt down weapons and/or Metallic Armory dropped by fallen enemies.

Lack of wood for construction

Adapt to survive. Use other materials. You can building with clay and clay bricks and it’s much better.

How to keep food cold

You’ll need to stored food underground.

Other Tips


  • You need to keep the books you needed to research a specific thing!
  • Books get not used up through research they stay in your storage!
  • And if you somehow loose books you already used for research, than you have to remanufature them before you can research anything new!
  • There are different research books. For a specific research you may need an specific book!

How to prevent chronicles rapidly decomposing

You need a constructed floor – just laying on the dirt won’t cut it. When in doubt, select an item and it will display both the decay rate and why it decays.

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