Bloons TD 6 – Stubborn Strategy Achievement Guide (Easy Method)

Here is a quick guide on what the stubborn strategy achievement requires and how you can easily get it. This achievement was recently added in the newest update, and can be achieved in a few hours if you have the patience and the right farming method.

How to Obtain Stubborn Strategy Achievement

All credit goes to greyfirchow!

The Set-Up

This Achievement requires you to beat 100 levels that have removable objects in them without removing any of the objects. Now you might just get this achievement by playing through the game normally because maps like skates and bazaar have removable objects that are not a major challenge to complete the level without removal.

But for now, I am here to show you how you can grind for this achievement easily and without using Monkey Knowledge. For this you are going use Obyn Greenfoot and go to Dark Castle on deflation.

Once you are in the level, place a 0-0-2 village above the center pathway but leave room for towers between them. Then you are going to want to place Obyn to the left of where the other towers will go. Then place a 4-0-2 ninja monkey to the right of Obyn and a 1-0-3 super monkey to the right of the ninja monkey. After placing these towers, sell the village and upgrade the super monkey to a 2-0-3 super monkey.

Then press play and sit back because there is practically zero micro involved, unless you get very unlucky with some of the projectiles and if this happens just use Obyn’s branbles.

The Rewards

By completing the achievement you will receive 500 monkey money and 3 cash-drops as a reward. This is equivalent to around 1,100 monkey money, and assuming that you used this strategy for all 100 games, then you will receive 6,000 monkey money, and 6,600 monkey money if you have the Mo’ Monkey Money knowledge point.

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