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Bloons TD 6 - Comprehensive Money Guide

Written by PinkJbm   /   Dec 19, 2019    

Guide for generating cash in Bloons TD 6.

It's All About Money


Code monkey

Generates extra cash each round for the user.

Syphon funding

Double pop cash and downgrades spawned bloons.

Can be upgraded to triple at level 20.

In short he doesn't attack but her gives you more money to use on units that do attack.

Banana Farm

Able to be placed and used to generate more cash each round. You're able to pick between banks and normal farms.


Generates alot of money each round. More than the marketplace.


Generates 5x$300 crates each round.

Sniper Monkey

Supply drop + Elite sniper

Simply put you can call down cash drops from the sky on a cool down. Elite sniper gives more but you can only have one of those so get more supply drops.


Jungles bounty

Generates extra cash for nearby banana farms. This is very useful if you don't use banana banks. Make sure to put one nearby.

Press the ability button.



Water based unit. Generates extra cash each round. Also sold monkeys go for more cash.


Monkey town

Allows for more cash from popped balloons for the units within the radius of the village. Very helpful for strong units.


Store bought power thrive gives more cash for a whole round.

Cash drop

Drops a box of cash just like the sniper monkey ability.

Skill Points


Written by PinkJbm.

Game:   Bloons TD 6