Unturned – Airdrop Locations (Hawaii)

This guide contains maps with all airdrop locations for Hawaii. I hope this helped you find your next airdrop.

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Airdrop Locations (Hawaii)

Unturned - Airdrop Locations (Hawaii)

Chart version of the map.

Unturned - Airdrop Locations (Hawaii)

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  1. I made a base right after the update came out, a few min later an airdrop landed ON my base, so yes you can hoard airdrops by making airdrop catchers. xD

  2. Some of you are wondering, “Why aren’t there any airdrops on Yukon?!” and here’s my answer: Weather. In case you didn’t notice, there’s a blizzard outside, and reduced visibility applies to the skies as well.

  3. I like how some of the airdrop locations on Hawaii are in the water. I just imagine the soldiers inside the plane saying:
    “Okay Major, where are we dropping this one?”
    “We’re dropping this one off the eastern coast from Alika base.”
    “Uh, sir do you mean ON the eastern coast?”
    “No we’re dropping it far east of Alika base in the water.”
    “But wouldn’t people get to it more easily if we dro-”
    “I said we`re dropping it in the water!!!!!!!”

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