Unturned – 100% Arid Achievements Guide

Little guide to get this map’s achievements in no time.

How to Obtain All Achievements on the Arid Map


Before you start following the guide, please take into account this guide was made to get the achievements in the easiest way, so you’ll have to use plenty of console commands and some other options. Most of the quest can be completed by simply giving certain items to NPCs.

List of Achievements

Welcome to Arid

  • Find your way to Arid.

Lock, Stock And Barrel

  • Assemble a rocket launcher.

Arid Finale

  • Finish all main quests on Arid.


First of all, we recommend to disable zombie spawn, so they don’t bother you. Go to Advanced Settings before starting the map and change all the options to zero ‘0’:

Useful items:

  • /give 81: Militar food, in case you get thirsty or hungry.
  • /give 15: Medical kit, in case you get fall damage.
  • /give 253: Backpack with plenty space to carry some items.
  • /give 1270: Gasmask to avoid intoxication in deadzone.
  • /give 392: Purification tablets to increase inmunity
  • /give 59775 Biohazard bottom to avoid intoxication in deadzone.
  • /give 59776 Biohazard top to avoid intoxication in deadzone.
  • /vehicle 77: In case you are too lazy.


Just right click in any point of the map and do /teleport wp to get instantly there. You’ll be using this command for all locations.

Lock, Stock and Barrel

Simply use the commands and craft the RPG to get the achievement:

  • RPG Breech /give 59385
  • RPG Barrel: /give 59386
  • RPG Trigger Assembly: /give 59387
  • RPG Scope: /give 59359
  • Ilegal Gun Parts: /give 59342
  • Toolbox: /give 59376

Supplier questline

Look for Huey at the safezone and talk with him to begin his questline:

Supplier I

  • Roll of Cloth: /give 59564/2

Supplier II

  • HQ Fabric: /give 59658/3

Supplier III

  • Marking Flares: /give 59515/3
  • Look for the planes at Kahramaan Airfield. They’re close to each other.

Supplier IV

  • Blue Floppy Disk: /give 59402
  • Red Floppy Disk: /give 59403
  • Green Floppy Disk: /give 59404

Supplier V

  • Firewater: /give 59686/2

Arsenal questline

Look for Red at the safezone and talk with him to begin his questline:

Arsenal I

  • Metal Parts: /give 59010/2

Arsenal II

  • Low tier guns parts: /give 59248

Arsenal III

  • Marking Flares: /give 59515/5
  • Look for the technical vehicles indicated in the map below:

Arsenal IV

  • High Tier Gun Parts: /give 59262/5

Arsenal V

  • Look for B14 key on top of the radio tower at Mike Point.
  • Teleport to the north-east point indicated in the map below:
  • Turn right and look for the Fort Knell base (you’ll need gasmask and biohazard suit to not get insta-killed.
  • Enter Fort Knell and head to second floor in right side. You’ll clearly see a B14 labeled room where you can find the dossier.

Reinforcements questline

Look for Architect at the safezone and talk with him to begin his questline:

Reinforcements I

  • Plastic Fragments: /give 59028/4

Reinforcements II

  • Bricks: /give 59440/10

Reinforcements III

  • Marking Flares: /give 59515/4
  • Look for the 4 fuel tanks marked in the map like the one below:

Reinforcements IV

  • Marking Flares: /give 59515/7
  • Look for the 7 radio towers marked in the map like the one below:

Reinforcements V

  • Solid State Drive: /give 59550/8

Arid Finale

The final step to get the achievement is talking to this NPC. Once you accept the reward, the achievement will pop up and you can say you finished Arid map.

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  1. Thanks, I’m really getting tired of this achievement spam. They should finally put a cork in it and let this game die.

  2. the flares don’t work for me for some reason, trying to spawn them in and they dont show up in my inventory.

  3. I do found a NPC called Snow on a watch tower near the spawn point. But it seems like she didn’t offer any quests.

  4. If I wanted to see an ID List I would’ve just looked at one, I was hoping for a guide but this is just a cheat list

  5. I got the quest and looked again, I was confused because I hadn’t gotten the quest so it didn’t spawn. that and I remember seeing the key to AG17 in a different place, sorry if I was any trouble.

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