Going Medieval – How to Edit Starting Stockpile

Guide to Edit


It is possible to further edit your stockpile at the start if you fancy messing about a little with your prospective colony. Having already created a scenario, setting up what you wanted and so forth, make sure to save your effort and exit the game.


  1. Type %appdata% into your computers start menu.
  2. Skidaddle back to Appdata.
  3. Wander into the Locallow folder.
  4. Flow down to the Foxy Voxel folder.
  5. Drift into the Going Medieval folder.
  6. Mosey along into the UserData folder.
  7. Plod into the Scenarios folder.
  8. Right click and open your personal scenario json file with the editor of your choice, I use Notepad+.
  9. Lo and behold, the stockpile goods are easily edited to have more than 1000 per item.
  10. Start a game with your newly enhanced scenario, wait for that single grid square to load and then be prepared for a vast swathe of land to be dominated by your vast tracts of goods.

Just be aware that if you add too much stuff, you’ll flood the map with piles of goods and that can cause the game to stutter a little. But so far everything seems stable in the game I’m messing about with.

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