Astroneer – How to Get VTOL and Hoverboard

This guide will teach you all about unlocking this vehicles, as well as what they do!

Guide to Unlock VTOL and Hoverboard

All credit goes to rhager842!


Unlocking these new vehicles is not easy as it requires many steps along the way, and the Hoverboard is no different.

First, you must visit Desolo with some dynamite and travel to the new location on your compass, once you arrive, you must blow up the box located there, please note that if the box does not have any debris surrounding it, do not blow it up unless you have extra dynamite, as you won’t complete this step afterwards.

After blowing up the box your compass will be updated with a new location, go there and insert one of the chips you get from blowing up the box, then, you must collect a certain amount of resources, I will not go into depth of what resources, as it will appear on the mission log.

Once you have brought all the resources, the machine will explode, which will then unlock the recipe, enjoy!


Getting the VTOL is no different than the Hoverboard, you must first visit Vesania instead, and do the exact same steps as you did with the hoverboard; go to the location on the compass, blow up the box, go to the new location, insert a chip, then insert the resources into the machine.

Once completed, like the hoverboard, the recipe will be unlocked afterwards and you’re done!

What They Do

The Hoverboard allows the player to move at insane speeds, but draws power from the backpack, you also still take fall damage with the hoverboard equipped.

The VTOL will allow you to travel great distances using flight! Space to go up and shift to go down, you will however require hydrazine to fuel it, much like a hydrazine thruster.

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