ASTRONEER – Dedicated Achievement Guide

An in-depth guide to 100% completing Astroneer. This game is still in development and new achievements come out ever here and there.

Dedicated Achievement List

EXO Dynamics Training Seal of Approval

  • Complete the Tutorial.
  • Self-explanatory.

The tutorial will equip you with most of the knowledge you’ll need to understand this guide. It takes about ten minutes at most, so even if you’ve gotten the achievement already, it may be a good idea to refresh your memory!


Blast Off

  • Use a shuttle to leave Sylva.
  • Self-explanatory.

One Small Step

  • Visit Desolo.
  • Self-explanatory.

I Feel Sick

  • Visit Atrox.
  • Self-explanatory.

It’s a Dry Heat

  • Visit Calidor.
  • Self-explanatory.

Into The Woods

  • Visit Vesania.
  • Self-explanatory.

To the Forest Moon

  • Visit Novus.
  • Self-explanatory.

Cool As Ice

  • Visit Glacio.
  • Self-explanatory.

Hang 10-Squared

  • Slide uninterrupted for 10 seconds.
  • Self-explanatory. I got this by digging a fairly steep tunnel down to the core and sliding down for a few seconds.

Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads

  • Drive an airborne rover for at least 10 seconds.
  • Self-explanatory. Same as the last one – dig to the core.

Galactic Boogaloo

  • Dance on every planet.
  • Self-explanatory.

Baby You’re a Firework

  • Launch 10 fireworks in 10 seconds.
  • Self-explanatory. Just set them all out on the ground and launch them quick.

Up By the Roots

  • Dig up a hazard.
  • Hazards are classified as either Defensive or Offensive Flora. Most are classified as Defensive. The easiest places to find these flora is in caves (Popcoral) or by mountains (Bouncevine) on Sylva.

Well Hello There, Fancypants

  • Change into a different suit.
  • You can do this in the customisation menu (the tab marked with a little star in your options menu.)

Pursuit of Knowledge

  • Research an item in the Research Chamber.
  • Self-explanatory.

A Little Byte Goes a Long Way

  • Scan a Research Sample of any type.
  • Self-explanatory.

Dirt Don’t Hurt

  • Extract a resource using the Soil Centrifuge.
  • Self-explanatory. You’ll need canisters for this.

Do Science To It

  • Synthesize a composite material with the Chemistry Lab.
  • Self-explanatory.

A Little Gassy

  • Collect a gas with the Atmospheric Condenser.
  • Self-explanatory.

Sweet New Ride

  • Build a rover of any type.
  • Self-explanatory.

Scrap for the Scrapper

  • Scrap an object in a Shredder.
  • Self-explanatory.

Junk Trader

  • Use the Trade Platform to exchange Scrap for another resource.
  • Self-explanatory.

Barrier Buster

  • Use a drill to deform a harder type of terrain.
  • Self-explanatory.

Delve Greedily and Deep

  • Travel to the Mantle depth of any planet
  • Self-explanatory.

Making a New Friend

  • Plant a seed.
  • Self-explanatory.

Thank You For Your Continued Assistance

  • Solve an EXO Dynamics Research Aid.
  • Self-explanatory.

Lab Rat

  • Use the Chemistry Lab to synthesize each composite material.
  • Self-explanatory.

Gas Giant

  • Use the Atmospheric Condenser to collect every type of gas.
  • Self-explanatory.

Chop Shop

  • Scrap 50 objects in a Shredder.
  • Self-explanatory.

In An Astroneer’s Garden

  • Plant at least one of every type of seed: Spinelily, Lashleaf, Bouncevine, Wheezeweed, Thistlewhip, Popcoral, and Daggeroot.
  • Self-explanatory. Find Spinelily and Wheezeweed on Atrox or Calidor (more common on Calidor), Lashleaf and Thistlewhip on Vesania or Novus, and Bouncevine (by mountains on Sylva), Popcoral (found in caves) and Daggeroot on Sylva or Atrox. Please correct me if I’m wrong on any of these.

Resources in the Rough

  • Use the Terrain Tool to harvest every type of raw material.
  • Self-explanatory.

They Who Smelt It

  • Use the Smelter to craft every type of refined resource.
  • Self-explanatory.

Research Scientist

  • Gain 100,000 Bytes across all games.
  • Self-explanatory.

Information Dump

  • Reach more than 150 Bytes-Per-Minute of concurrent research.
  • Self-explanatory.


As I’m sure many of you are in the same boat in that you don’t have anyone to help you get these achievements.

EXO Dynamics Outreach Participant

  • Join or host a multiplayer game session.
  • Self-explanatory.

Let Me Borrow This Just A Second

  • Use a Research Chamber to research something in another Astroneer’s game.
  • Self-explanatory.

Journey to the Center of the Thing

  • Travel to the center of any planet in a multiplayer game.
  • Self-explanatory.

EXO Dynamics Outreach Advocate

  • Spend more than 4 total hours in multiplayer sessions.
  • Self-explanatory.

Interplanetary Road Trip

  • Travel to another planet with another player in the same shuttle.
  • “In order to fit more than one person in a shuttle, you need to mount a rover seat to the shuttle, as only one person will fit in the cockpit. You can mount one in the small shuttle in the small bay meant for an oxygenator, or you can wait until you have the medium or large shuttle and mount a rover seat in its cargo bay”. 

Gateway Achievements (Spoilers)

Shapes and Other Shapes

  • Find a Gateway Chamber.
  • Gateway Chambers are structures that can be found on the surface of every planet. They appear as large, scaffold-like structures with smooth, glassy surfaces through which can be seen a starry background which appears to be deeper than the inside of the structure would suggest. From a distance you can see a swirling beam going into the sky. On the top of the bottom platform are three raised inverted pyramids, each of which has a single cable port.

First Step Into a Larger World

  • Solve a Gateway Chamber.
  • On the top of the bottom platform are three raised inverted pyramids, each of which has a single cable port. Power can be supplied to any of these, with more power needed for higher difficulty planets, to reveal an Odd Stone which, when interacted with, allows the player to teleport between activated Gateways on the planet.
  • Each planet’s Gateway Chambers require a different amount of power to be activated. For example, Sylva’s chambers can be powered by 5 Small Generators, connected to any of the three power connection points.

Secrets of the Universe

  • Solve all of the Gateway Chambers.
  • Self-explanatory.

Encounter With the Infinite

  • Find a Gateway Engine.
  • Gateway Engines are structures that make up the cores of each planet. They are spherical structures, with many pillars extending outward and up through the outer core layer of the planets. The pillars and sphere in the center use a different gravity than the planet does. When approaching any part of the engine, the player will be pulled and orientated to the surface of the structure and will be able to move normally along the surface.

Sylva Awakened

  • Solve the Gateway Engine on Sylva.
  • Each Gateway Engine requires a specific resource to create a Geometric Triptych, which is required to activate the Engine. The Geometric Triptych is unique to each planet and can be created repeatedly.
  • Sylva’s designated resource is Quartz.

Desolo Awakened

  • Solve the Gateway Engine on Desolo.
  • Desolo’s designated resource is Zinc.

Calidor Awakened

  • Solve the Gateway Engine on Calidor.
  • Calidor’s designated resource is Explosive Powder (made in the Chemistry Lab).

Vesania Awakened

  • Solve the Gateway Engine on Vesania.
  • Vesania’s designated resource is Graphene (made in the Chemistry Lab).

Novus Awakened

  • Solve the Gateway Engine on Novus.
  • Novus’s designated resource is Silicone (made in the Chemistry Lab).

Glacio Awakened

  • Solve the Gateway Engine on Glacio.
  • Glacio’s designated resource is Diamond (made in the Chemistry Lab).

Atrox Awakened

  • Solve the Gateway Engine on Atrox.
  • Atrox’s designated resource is Hydrogen.

Now You See Me…

  • Utilize the Gateway Fast Travel Network.
  • The Gateway Fast Travel Network spans across all seven planets. When a Gateway Chamber or Gateway Engine is activated the player may interact with the Odd Stone in the center. Clicking on any active node will teleport the player to that location.

To Infinity…

  • Solve all of the Gateway Engines.
  • Self-explanatory.

…And Beyond

  • Pass through the Gateway Portal into the unknown.
  • Experience the game’s official ending.

Wanderer Update Achievements

The First Discovery

  • Use the Probe Scanner to find one of the mysterious Vintage Probes.
  • There is one probe per planet. They spawn randomly in particular biomes from planet-to-planet.

The Wanderer’s Way

  • Use the Probe Scanner to scan all of the Vintage Probes.
  • Self-explanatory.


Once you have completed everything on this list, you should receive this final achievement, along with a special visor and suit-palette:

EXO Dynamics Solar System Mastery

  • Obtain every Achievement in Astroneer.
  • Self-explanatory.
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