Haydee 2 – Catburglar Achievement Guide

This guide will show how to find all collectables and get the achievement.

How to Obtain Catburglar Achievement



1 – The Private Room between the stairs to the Engineering Floor and the Sales Room

2 – Administrator’s room

3 – Accounting

4 – Hallway after exiting Accounting

5 – The Utility Room between Administrative and Habitat Area


There is nothing on the first floor but here’s the map just in case

2nd floor map

6 – Warehouse

7 – Office (the plaque near the door should say “Executive Chief”). Here you will also find the lockpick to open the cases



8 – Behind the counter in the Bar room

9 – The room on the right on second floor of Apartments


1st floor map

10 – On a shelf near the Drugstore/Pharmacy counter

11 – Lockers

12 – On the left after entering the Morgue

There is nothing on the second floor.


1st floor map

13 – On one of the last beds on the right

14 – Surveillance

2nd floor map

15 – Flight control room


1st floor map

16 – In the corner near the stairs to Medical. The case is hidden by large boxes and difficult to see without the night vision gear

The second floor is empty

3rd floor map

17 – Elevator control room

18 – Warning: After resetting the Anchor this room will become inaccessible, so open the case before doing it

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