Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – How to Fix Trust Factor

This guide describes the CS:GO Trust Factor and how fix red/yellow trust to green.

Trust Factor Explanation

How to check your Trust Factor?

There are two methods to check your Trust Factor:

  • You need to queue any matchmaking game with a player that never used malicious softwares, never griefed and have commends, service medals, skins etc, basically you need someone with green trust and when you queue for the game on his chat him will be informed if you have a red or yellow trust by an automated message.
  • You need to click looking to play icon and depending on which accounts you see there, for example if you just see a few and low tier with no medals or low skill group etc you can know you have yellow/red but if you see many people with medals, big skill group etc, you are green trusted.

Note: You need a skill group for this!

What exacly is “Greentrust”?

You can’t define it as a greentrust because you can have a Green “msg” for others and somebody still has a red message for you

You can just get higher and higher, and still somebody that has like 8k legit hours on this game with many service medals sees you as red.

What exacly is “Redtrust”?

Redtrust is know as the red message you get for people that you think is low trust.

Lets say you have a realy high Trustfactor and get somebody with almost the same trust and he still gets like a yellow message that still does not mean that you will face cheaters because thats not how it works, you would need to test urself where you are and ask people if they would get a msg for you. And if you get messages for people more often means you are in mostly situations greentrust.

Methods to Fix Trust Factor

  • Buy Steam level.
  • Try deranking.
  • Make your profile public,and try make all community quests.
  • Be an active Steam user make screenshots.
  • Play games without using cheats or exploits.
  • Ask for in-game recommendations .
  • Get Service Medals and upgrade them.
  • Avoid Griefing.
  • Use hoursboost.
  • Rate Up SharedFiles (Guides, Artworks, Screenshots, Posts).
  • Add more friends and delete all banned friends and Join Groups.
  • Try make more Overwatch cases you can use Overwatchbot.
  • Complete as many Overwatch Cases with corect verdicts to increase your CS:GO Level and make Skillgroup easier and trustly.
  • Do not queue up with cheaters or low trust factor accounts.
  • Add phone number and Steam guard.
  • Ask for profile comments.
  • Deposit at least 5€.
  • Rate/Award guides.
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