Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – How to Use CFG Files

A detailed guide on how to set up and use files with the extension “.cfg”. CFG files are simple config files that execute commands in bulk, either on every launch of CSGO or on command.

How to Create and Install .cfg Files

Create a Text Document

Right click your empty desktop, go to New > Text Document

Making File Extension Names Visible

The next step requires you to change a setting that lets you view files as “New Text Document.txt” instead of just “New Text Document”.

Open your File Explorer, at the top select View, and check the box “File name extensions”.

Converting .txt To .cfg & Naming Your File

The text document you just created is using the .txt file name extension.

To change this, go inside the text file, up at the top left click File > Save As. Now make sure to set “Save as type:” to “All Files (.)”. Finally, in “File name:” create a name for the cfg file you’re making and add “.cfg” to the end.

Example, “New Text Document.txt” > “filename.cfg”

Installing Your .cfg file

In Steam, right click CSGO, and go to Manage > Browse Local Files. This is where CSGO is installed. (steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive)

From here, navigate to csgo > cfg. (steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg)

Copy and paste your cfg file to this location.

Using Your .cfg File

There are two common ways to use .cfg files. You can make them run automatically at each startup, or you can choose to execute them when you want, here’s how.

To execute at startup:

In Steam, right click CSGO, and go to Properties > General > Launch Options.

You may or may not have launch options added already, but for the cfg, add “+filename.cfg” to the END of your launch options. (Yes, a plus. Not a minus).

To execute on command:

Firstly, enable your console by opening CSGO and going to Settings > Game > Enable Developer Console (~): Yes. Depending on the nature of the .cfg, you might not be able to use it in public matches, and you might not even need to be loaded into a world, but to execute the .cfg at this point, open your Console (Default key is ~) and type exec filename.cfg

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