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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - How to Get Overwatch +

Written by Taip   /   Nov 11, 2020    

In this Guide I will show you how to get Overwatch and how to Overwatch.

Overwatch requirement:

  • Gold nova 1.
  • 150+ competitive wins.
  • 350+ hours played on CS:GO.
  • A trusted account (high trust factor).

Overwatching CS:GO cases can make your trust factor high, thats not all, if you ban a cheater from Overwatch you will get xp bonuses.

There are 2 level of ban in Overwatch, first is global cooldown, the length of the global cooldown is 40 days which is caused by griefing, and the second is permanent/ banned, the ban is caused by cheating. So here is how do you gonna Overwatch cases in CS:GO.

Once You Got an Overwatch

Once you got an overwatch, click the shield with "+" logo on the left side screen.

Download an Overwatch Case

Download the overwatch case by clicking the download button on the bottom right side of the screen, the download process will take 15 seconds - around 3 minutes, so it takes sometimes also when the case is almost done it gonna consume your fps, but its okay after the download is complete your fps gonna be normal again.

Review The Evidence

After the download is complete, click the eyes icon to review the evidence. You are gonna review a 10 minutes long demo so prepare for that.


Insert console and then type "demoui" and click enter, it will gonna show a menu like in the middle left side of the screen, the menu is for pausing/resuming/fast forwarding/slowing the demo. Review the overwatch case seriously so the cheater can get banned and make the community clean.

Overwatch Resolution

After you review the case, you gonna see this menu and don't close the menu.

There is 4 major disruption option you can choose, you have to choose it wisely because if you choose wrong option you not gonna take the overwatch reward.

First major disruption is: Aim assistance

  • If you suspect the guy in the case have an assist for example ; blatant aimbot, trigger bot, backtrack, ect. You can click "evidence beyond reasonable doubt" But becarefull, the guy in the case can also hit some lucky shots.

Second major disruption is: Vision assistance

  • If you suspect the guy in the case have a wallhack cheat, go for "evidence beyond reasonable doubt" also becarefull of your choice, the guy could be have a good gamesense of the game.

Third major disruption is: Other external assistance

  • This major disruption is caused by the guy in the case has a bhop script or a bhop cheat or the guy has the anti aim cheat, spinbot, fake lag ect. if you see this major disruptions, click the "evident beyond reasonable doubt".

Last major disruption is: Grief

  • This last major disruption is about the suspect griefing its teammate, or the suspect is throwing the game. You can click the "evident beyond reasonable doubt" button if you see this major disruption.

If you not sure enough you can review the case again by clicking "postpone judgement".

XP Reward!

After you sucessfully overwatch a suspect (the guy get banned) you will get the overwatch xp reward, congratulations! you just wiped a cheater, (i hope the guy is really a cheater) thanks for making the community clean and also thank you very much for reading this guide i hope this guide helps you, peace!

Written by Taip.