Idol Manager – How to Survive First Idols

How to Survive First Three Idols

This is my second time writhing this my internet is lost and all my work is gone sad, so i will write again but it will not be detail as my first time

1. You need to decide you first 3 idols i always recommend local just to save you start-up money, Choose N and Silver as priority Gold is too expensive when compare to N rarity 5k with 200% satisfaction when choosing always choose idols that support each other via stat or trait it will affect fan base of certain group, age is also something you need to take note because when idol growing up Look-Type stats will go down but funny and smart stats will go up instead .

2. Hiring staff always choose production speed in the beginning except you idols stats is too low, Staff can only increase skill by make them do something like making single (coaching is not include might need to confirm)

3. Now it time to make you first single different stats attract different type of fan in this guide i will call it Look-Type and Skill-Type and here is the list (There is also main focus and sub focus Look-Type always attract Hardcore as main and Skill-Type is casual):

  • Cute:Hardcore,Male
  • Cool:Hardcore,Female
  • Sexy:Hardcore,Male
  • Pretty:Hardcore,Female
  • Dance:Casual,Male
  • Vocal:Casual,Female
  • Funny:Casual,Male
  • Smart:Casual,Female

(Bonus is 1% for main and 0.5% for sub per stat when making single).

Do single until you hit 1 fame and Unlock interview research for media, After this go make a interview show in media to unlock 3rd level promote you can also cancel afterward because it consume your idols stamina but it also a good way to generate fan overtimes.

4. Activity always promote after it hit 3rd level because fan relate to you sale but group fan you gain this way is random, Don’t spamming spa it will increase stamina recover amount per day in this order 2,5,10 , Performance is not recommend if you not really short on money.

5. Pleasing fan is what you need to decide your self what different between Hardcore fan and Casual fan is Hardcore fan is spending more money to buy more physical copy but also hard to please but Casual fan is opposit (digital single is not affect by Hardcore fan) always checks you fan base of you idol if you making single that match majority of you fan base you sale also high, every times when you release single fan you gain will match type of fan you focus so you can also build you fan base different for each idols group.

6. Business proposal in short summery Photo:short-term, Ad:Long-term good money good fame expensive liability, Drama:Long-term medium money fan generate cheap liability, Show:Like Photo but worse only good if you need buzz(It like hype more buzz more money when release single you can gather buzz from business deal).

P.S. Talk to your girl regularly, i might forgot something so ask me so i might be able to answer you.

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