Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr – Additional Attribute and Skill Points

Once you’ve reached Level 8, If you visit Merciful Agony MCXII, you have the option to purchase additional Attribute Points and Skill Points for some Credits and Fate.

Where to Find the NPC

All credit goes to Monk!

You can find Merciful Agony MCXII at the top right of the starting area. You can find it through: Tenebra Subsector -> Chernobog System.

Accessing the Option

Once you talk to her, select the “I want something from you.” option.

Then you can purchase these:

These options have a fixed price, and can only be purchased once per character..

Option/ Price

  • 1x Attribute Point / 10,000 Credits, 150 Fate
  • 2x Passive Skill Points / 25,000 Credits, 100 Fate
  • Inoculator Component / 50,000 Credits
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