Rain World – Hostile Creatures Tier List

Warning: May cause spoilers about creatures you haven’t seen if you are new.

List of Hostile Creatures Tiers


I might split my 3 tier lists with 1 list each guide.

  • Hostile Creatures S (Extremely dangerous) to F (Not even that threatening).
  • Friendly/Tameable Creatures S (from very helpful) to F (Very annoying).
  • Objects S (from very useful) to F (Does nothing other than being food).

This is only my opinion on some creatures.


Creatures that you must stay away at all cost unless you are very skilled and confident to evade it’s attacks.

[Red Lizard]

Red Lizards are the strongest type of lizard. Although this does not spawn naturally as the survivor or the monk and can only be spawned in a lineage.

One must be very careful to avoid these type of lizards since they have good senses on both hearing and sight. If one spots you, they attempt to attack you with their spit attack that slows you down and give chase.

Combat is very tricky on these red lizards as rocks and spears barely stuns them and evasion/hiding is probably the best choice since they will respawn in the next cycle if you manage to kill it.

[Red Centipede]

Red Centipedes are also the strongest type of centipede. Their deadly shocks are very lethal and is most likely to win against a red lizard. They have great sense of hearing but can only see movement, meaning that it won’t see you if you don’t move unless it bumps into you.

Combat is not that hard, it can be killed even with 1 sporepuff if it hits all it’s segments or get 2-3 spears, remove one piece of armor on the end of it’s head and stunlock it with 1-2 spears. You could evade it but it is very fast if it starts chasing you. Do note that never let this type of centipede into a shelter with you otherwise it will be a run ender.


Leviathans are the second largest creature in rain world, they can only be found in large bodies of water. Leviathans can “delete” a creature with 1 chomp. Combat is useless since it has 1000 hp and it’s points aren’t worth it(unless it’s a challenge you are willing to take).

Skilled swimmers can swim faster than leviathans unless it opens it’s mouth to chomp, if you are slow on water, you can use jetfish to evade leviathans or other aquatic creatures.

[Daddy Long Legs]

DLLs are dangerous, they can only be found in a couple of regions. They may be blind but they have great sense of hearing. They drag any living thing into their core and devour it whole even their lesser kind. When a DLL hears something, they come towards that noise.

So it is best to keep a rock to throw to a different location to lure the DLL out of your way, just be careful not to hit one of it’s arms or else it will know where you are. If you see a deathpit below, you can try to disable it’s arms with spears to make them slip and fall to their death but retrieving back the spears you threw can be very risky. You can also kill them instantly if you throw an explosive spear straight to their core.

[King Vulture]

King vultures are like normal vultures but bigger and has a harpoon. They have great accuracy when it comes to shooting you with a harpoon but can be evaded easily if you are skilled in movement. Fighting one of these will reward you with a mask that scares away lizards for around 30 seconds. combat doesn’t seem that hard if you don’t panic, you can easily stunlock them like other normal vultures.

They would sometimes hover around you and attempt to shoot once or twice and gives chase again. Removing their mask removes their ability to shoot as well, I do not know why.

[Miros Bird]

Miros Birds are like ostriches but with scissors for beaks. They appear in a couple regions with flat surfaces. They often run in groups and have great sense of sight. If you hear their metal footsteps, run to nearby hiding place/tunnel. If one spots you, it often camps around for a while and try to reach you with it’s long beak, so try not to hide in a small hole. You can kill a miros bird with 1 explosive spear, I think.


Creatures that are dangerous or tricky that they can catch you offguard if not careful. They can be still be defeated easily tho.

[Cyan Lizard]

Cyan lizards are very fast and scary when they jump around, they can also climb background walls and pulls you with it’s tongue if you go near. Sometimes they even jump at you from offscreen as a jumpscare. They can be killed in 2-3 spears, spears have a chance to make the cyan lizard deflate like a balloon.

They would have been in the S tier if they were not dumb enough to jump to their death.

[Overgrown Centipede]

Overgrown Centipedes are like red centipedes but a little slower and has no armor, Killing them is like killing a red centipede exept the armor part. Do note that they cannot maintain their weight and fall off some areas eventually.

[White Lizard]

White lizards are hard to spot on screen due to their ability to camoflauge with the background. They wait for prey to walk pass and then they start grabbing it with it’s long tongue. You can spot a white lizard when you enter the room since they flash white for a second. They can be killed in 2-3 spears.

These lizards were always a big problem when crossing the exterior unless you have a mask on hand [They also climb background walls, which I forgot to put].


Creatures that are dangerous to encounter in certain rooms.


Scavs often travel in groups and are neutral towards slugcat. But this is aggressive creatures we are talking about so.. Scavs have better reaction time and aim, having a bomb would be useful to use on these scavs since they mostly have explosives with them and will detonate with one explosion.

They could have better tier but if it wasn’t for their stupidity to “accidentally” kill their own comrades and not using explosives wisely.

[Brother Long Legs]

BLLs are like DLLs but both blind and deaf, they are also smaller. They spawn naturally in garbage wastes and shoreline if you are hunter. I have no other words to describe this thing, just pretend that it is like DLLs.

[Wolf Spider]

Wolf spiders are actually kinda cool, I may be afraid of spiders in this game but I like wolf spiders in this game. They are more dangerous in groups since they can revive their dead members. If a wolf spider fails to jump at you, it would sometimes latch on to you instead to weigh you down and let other spiders be able to catch up to you. wolf spiders can be killed in 1 spear but they get revived by other spiders anyway. Do note that revived spiders have a timer till they die again. They get less time everytime they get revived. Stabbing a dead wolf spider twice or more might make them permanently dead and cannot be revived.(not sure)


Axolotls are also another type of lizard that swims better than crawling. They swim faster than a non-skilled swimming slugcat. They camoflauge well underwater so they can catch you offguard when you swim pass them. You can lure them on land to make it easier to kill but it gives them the ability to grab you with it’s tongue while on land.

They can be killed in 2-3 spears.


Creatures that don’t seem dangerous unless aggroed.

[Sea Leech]

These blue leeches can be found mostly on shoreline, they can also be found as an organized group. They don’t do much when you are on land exept weigh you down if they latch on to you. 1 sea leech is already enough to weigh you down but 2 or more sea leeches can drag you down underwater and drown you. They can be killed with a rock or spear in 1 hit or you could bring a snail to stun leeches as you swim pass them. Professional swimmers can swim pass a leech without it latching on.

[Green Lizard]

These type lizards are the 2nd strongest type of lizard with the exception of not being able to climb poles and gives a slow chase. They do get faster when they are more aggressive. Sometimes they can’t seem to bite you when you are too close to their face. Avoiding this type of lizard is easy, backflipping over them does the trick.


Centiwings are a different type of centipede that appears at Sky Islands, they fly around the region and sometimes switch back to crawling on the floor. Like other centipedes, this has to connect both heads to shock you. Centiwings aren’t that aggressive unless you are close to them, then they start attacking. 3 spears are enough to kill them.


Ah yes.. Spiders.. What can make these enemies worse? Spawn them in a dark area and find out. Spiderpedes are a nightmare to me, I never entered shaded citadel without the Keepthatawayfromme mod. The way Spiderpedes eat their victims are just scary to me. Thankfully we have flashbangs in shaded citadel, you can use those to kill spiders in the room instantly if used correcly.

Even tho small groups of spiderpedes are harmless to you, they can still get ya if you don’t have any light. Spears can also kill them in 1 hit.

[Adult Noodlefly]

Noodleflies don’t normally attack you unless you hurt it’s children. If you kill a baby noot, the mother noodlefly hunts you down cycle after cycle until death. They may be fragile that they can be killed in 1 spear but they can dodge your spears with great speed. You can easily kill these noodleflies by simply crawling in a tunnel until it follows you and spear it there as it cannot dodge your spear in a small space.


Creatures that aren’t much of a threat if you know what you are doing.


Vultures are very common to find in all difficulties in some regions with open skies. They hover down towards their prey and bite before flying off. You can make vultures fight each other by simply taking off their mask with a correctly placed spear. Their masks have less time to scare off lizards than the king vulture mask.

You can kill a vulture with 6-8 spears, I think. If a vulture is injured, they won’t be able to fly back up and will just stare at anything that passes by.

[Spitter Spider]

Spitter Spiders are another red version of spiders. They catch their prey by spitting darts to paralyze it before carrying it to it’s den. Spitter spiders have a unique ability, when injured, they regenerate health overtime. Killing this requires 2 spears and fast due to it’s regeneration.

[Monster Kelp]

Monster kelps are stationary plants that would grab on to prey near them. They fear Miros birds and often hides in it’s own den when it hears it coming. Killing it requires 3 spears or you could injure it with 2 spears and let it live, it may attempt to grab you but it won’t kill you.

[Adult Centipede]

Adult Centipedes are smaller and weaker. Lizards often prey upon them. Smaller centipedes can easily connect both of their heads to shock prey. They can be killed with 2 or more spears depending on size.

[Pink Lizard]

Pink lizards are the most basic type of lizard, you can see them in almost every region. this is most likely to be the second lizard to see while greens are first. They are not really much of a threat since there is nothing special about them. 3 spears are enough to kill it.

[Mole Lizard]

Mole lizards are also known to spawn as groups in dark areas, they are the only lizard type that has no eyes. It has great sense of hearing as it’s head would lit up when it does hear something. It is hard to spot where these black lizards are in dark areas. Sometimes they mistake slugcat for being another black lizard if they don’t know you’re here. They can be killed in 2-3 spears but it’s hard to kill a lizard in small spaces.


Creatures that aren’t threatening anymore when you know the room layout.

[Pole Plants]

These are often called mimics by other players. As the name implies, they mimic poles in the game. If you climb on a pole plant, it will then reveal it’s true form and drag you down to it’s den. This plant is stationary. You can avoid these pole plants if you know what the room usually looks like. They can be killed with 1 spear. You can sometimes use pole plants to your advantage and trap a lizard or vulture. If you go to the top of the pole plant’s head, slugcat would try to touch it as it usually does to other live hostile creatures.


Dropwigs are ambush predators and often hides on a ceiling, they sometimes drop items below them to lure slugcat or other prey to come towards the trap. The bait is sometimes obviously a trap : bluefruits on the ground? explosives where no scav is around? People call these creatures “Dumbwigs” due to their ability to hide on a ceiling that is above a deathpit or wormgrass.

They don’t attack anything while they haven’t found a spot to hide in. They can be killed with 1 spear, sometimes 2 if you hit the wrong body part.

[Yellow Lizards]

Yellow lizards are like pink lizards but with slower reaction time and with the ability to communicate with other yellow lizards. They are both smart and dumb at the same time, they work together to corner slugcat and the whole group knows where you are if one spots you but at the same time easily fall off platforms and slow enough that it can’t catch a backflipping slugcat.

Killing the leader is a must because it cuts their communication. The leader has longest antennae and is more aggressive than the other members. killing one only needs 2-3 spears or use 1 spear to make one yellow lizard flee.


Creatures that can only kill unexperienced or just dumb/clumsy players.

[Red Leech]

Red leeches are weaker than their blue counterpart, atleast 4-5 leeches are required to weigh down the player. They are mostly found in Drainage system and garbage wastes as unorganized groups. They can be killed with a rock/spear or bring a snail to stun them.

[Blue Lizard]

These are the weakest type of lizard and is most likely to be the third lizard to find if you follow the overseer’s directions. Green Lizards like to eat blue lizards. Blue lizards often hug the ceiling and falls on to it’s prey. It has a small tongue to steal your stuff or to pull you towards it’s mouth.

They can be killed in 1-2 spears.

Written by SanityBox3120

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