Sea of Thieves – How to Get The Soulflame Set

A quick tutorial on getting the Soulflame set in Sea of Thieves.

Guide to Getting the Soulflame Set


Soulflame is one of the best sets in the game right now and I’m gonna show you how you can unlock this beauty.

It’s a bit hard to unlock for new players but it’s worth the effort.

Pirate Legend

The Soulflame items and clothing set can be bought from the Athena’s fortune shop in the pirate legend hideout, so you have to either be a pirate legend yourself or have a pirate legend friend who can let you in the hideout.


In order to buy the set, you need to have Vanquishing the Damned commendation, and to get said commendation you have to complete 25 Fort of the Damned world events.

Sounds pretty hard doesn’t it? Well it is…

But if you have a good crew and invest some time you can do it in no time. If you don’t know, you need a ritual skull and all six Flames of Fate to start the fort.

There are tons of videos and guides for Fort of the Damned on the internet that will help you complete them faster.


So that’s how you can get the Soulflame set, you can also buy the ship set with ancient coins from the in-game store.

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