Car Mechanic Simulator 2021 – How Much Cash You Need to Restore a Car

You want to restore a car, but you not sure how much cash you need. This guide will help you. But beware: this is not 100% accurate. Your price may differ from mine. But least I can do is give you an idea.

Guide to Calculating the Amount of Money Needed

Short Version

You should save up at least 20 – 30K

Long Version

Here the Upgrade you need to fully utilize this guide

  • Paint Booth (CR15,000)
  • Carwash (CR1750)
  • Welder (CR5000)
  • Garage Expansion (CR10000)

The car i using is: Edgewood Wildcat

Starting Fee for reference: CR62,353

  • Stage 1 (Car From Junkyard,Body Wash,Welding,Interior & Whole Engine): CR44,681(CR17,672)
  • Stage 2 (Front Suspension + Paint And Whole Body): CR36,945(CR7,736)
  • Stage 3 (Rear Suspension): CR35,389(CR1,556)

  • Stage 1 – 3 Fee: CR26,964
  • Selling The Car Without Wheel: CR50,362 – CR26,964 = CR23,398 Profit
  • Stage 4 (Wheel And License Plate): CR34,287(CR1,102)
  • Stage 1 – 4 Fee: CR28,066
  • Stage 5 (Fully restore): CR54,559 – CR28,066 = CR26,493 Profit.

So if i were you. I save up At Least CR30.000

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