Forewarned – Definitive Money and XP Farming Guide

How to Money and XP Farming

This is a very fast and optimal way of upgrading, buying your gear. As for me the variety in the gear I can use for a full game is the real fun as I usually try to gather all evidence before opening the tomb, even when I know who is the Mejai. I just enjoy the interactions and jump scares.

For this “guide” you simply open a lobby go on single player/multiplayer and you only need 3 items (Flashlight or Helmet, Metal Detector and Camera) to get maximum ammount of gold before you open the tomb or it closes by itself (brutal difficulty). With that being said, you want to get all the gold and objectives done before you open the tomb or it the dungeon closes (brutal). You are striking for a fast getting in and out without finishing the game so you dont risk losing all your earnings.

Meanwhile the camera is useless for gold it is good for XP, you can do every single objective before you encounter the Mejai, which means you won’t be able to prove the existence of the Mejai, but everything else is fine.

Here are some tricks for the maps that have locked walls before you open the main tomb. You can clip your camera trough walls and doors and take pictures of these places.

  1. For the main tomb, it is very obvious where it is and you’ll always find it and are able to take a picture.
  2. For treasury the trick is that you need 2 levers to open the wall, but even if the last lever is locked inside of the last tomb, you can still take the picture for XP. The money goes to waste. To locate the treasury look for a fire stand (the ones you can light up with the torch) and if it has a lever behind it the treasury will be 100% behind that fire stand. Clip your camera through that wall and earn the XP.
  3. Remains, find a mummy.
  4. Royal mummy, blue bois easy to find.
  5. Past Exploration, all you need is to find ANY eskeleton remains. They can be either on the spike trap rooms, inside of the cells (you can also clip ur camera throguh the gate), or the spike pits (you dont need a light source just flash it and you get a notification).

For gold, you just run around with your best buddy flashlight and pick it up, if you get lucky and none of the rooms are softlocked (levers inside of main tomb), and your map has treasury, spike traps room, and jail cell, you’ll get max gold for that run.

Running this for a while I found these numbers, disclaimer they could be wrong. If anyone does more testing than me and can provide more info, be my guest. The community always welcome kindness.


Consider that for Brutal, you wan to be extra fast, as the tomb closes with a timer. I tried running Large map on brutal and I got mostly greedy and locked inside, sometimes I escaped but mostly died since I didn’t know what I was up against until it was on top of me and I had no tools to fight it back.

The size of the map has proven that you can get more xp but not more gold. You get more objectives and objectives only rewards you XP. So large maps are awesome to play with friends.

The most optiomal way of farming for me was Brutal on Small map. Here area the results of avg gold xp.

  • Small Normal Size: 3-5minutes per run avg of 40xp and 90 Gold.
  • Brutal Normal Size: 3-5minutes per run avg of 80xp and 270 Gold


  • Easy Small Size: 3-5minutes per run avg of 40xp and 90 Gold.
  • Brutal Small Size: 3-5minutes per run avg of 80xp and 270 Gold

Sorry I messed up those 2 lines. Also after 50 more runs I found out that you get avg of 200 on Brutal. So I’d guess brutal has an avg of 2.0x to 2.3x gold over Easy.

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